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Pure Joy and Youthful Devotion to God (#6)


I’ve always been different. In many ways, I was just your average girl going through the normal ups and downs of life. But I also seemed to be more perceptive and reflective than most of my peers around me.

I rarely rushed into things. I was more thoughtful in making decisions, understanding that our actions often have life-altering, and long-reaching consequences. I would often hear people say, “my parents just have to understand that I’m going to make my own decisions, and make my own mistakes.” But my thinking was more along the lines of, well I’ve seen others go down this road, and I saw the consequences of their decisions, so why would I also go down that same road, knowing things could end up badly for me, as it did for them?

Life would be so much easier for us if we would just learn from the mistakes of others, know and understand that our actions have consequences, and not stubbornly pursue our own wills being fully aware that the decision we are about to make will change the trajectory of our lives forever, in a bad way.

I’ve also been able to appreciate the beauty of nature around me. While most young girls find pleasure in experimenting with make-up, clothes, and different hair styles, I would always find pleasure in a beautiful sunset, the colorful changing of the leaves on trees in fall, a long walk on a crisp spring morning, and a nice cool breeze. (I still find pleasure in these things — the simple things in life.)

Not that these other things didn’t interest me; they did. But the memory of these things seems to last longer than following the latest fashion trend, or keeping up with whose popular in the moment. It’s the simple things in life that often bring us pure joy.

Have you ever seen God in a beautiful rainbow? Have you ever looked up to see the most beautiful sky that God decorated in reds, and blues, and purples and felt as if God had decorated the sky just for you?

God is not this faraway God. He’s very near us. He makes Himself known to us through His creation, through His word, and through His Holy Spirit, which reveals His thoughts and His heart to us. He loves you and wants very much for you to love Him back.

When I was younger, my parents (papa-C and mama-D) took us to church. They gave me my first introduction to God. And for a long time, God had always been my parents’ God. I served God more out of tradition, habit, and devotion to my parents. But it wasn’t until I became an adult that God became not just my parents’ God, but He became my God.

As a youth, and young adult, I would hear stories about God in Sunday School or Bible Study. I heard about God’s love, but I had never really experienced that love first-hand, until I became an adult.

God was still a distant, far-away God to me then. I read my Bible, went to noon-day prayer, and tried to do the things that were required of me. I served my parents’ God faithfully in my youth. But something changed when I became an adult.

Through my life’s journey, through my hardships and pain, I touched the face of God. I experienced God in ways I had never experienced Him before in my youth. God finally became real to me.

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jackie darling
‘Morning, Jeanita. Thank you once again for sharing the heart of God to us today. The journey that you have traveled has made you a willing and obedient vessel that loves the Potter. 🙂 We are blessed to read your words and hear God’s voice/Holy Spirit speak to us about the wonder of simple joy or simple gifts. These gifts (i.e. a beautiful sunset, or cool breeze on a hot day) are acknowledgments from God that He is in the simplicity of things. All things from God are orderly and in perfect alignment to His will, which no power can… Read more »
Hmm… Isn’t is a beautiful thing to get to know God for yourself? I love how He reveals Himself to us through His creation. If we search for Him with all our heart, we will find Him. I think some of the older generation were only following ‘tradition’ when they served God. God was revealed to them through the ‘mourning bench’ or through a ‘hell-fire and damnation’ message. But God is this loving God who wants a relationship with His people. Yes, He is also a God of justice; but He is also a God of love. I pray that… Read more »