My dear fellow Christian, are you still in love with sin? Sin can be deceptive. If we are not careful, we can find ourselves wrapped up in it. It can consume us, and take over our lives.

Sin also defiles us. God said we must be holy because He is holy. But, we cannot be holy if we are still living in, and practicing sin.

It’s time for the people of God to come out of sin, for God hates sin and will one day stand in judgment of sin once and for all.

What is sin? Sin is any unrighteousness. In fact, the Bible says that “all unrighteousness is sin” (1 John 5:17). To be righteous means that we are in right-standing with God. So unrighteousness is wrongdoing, wickedness, sinfulness, and evil. To be unrighteous means we are not righteous. When we are unrighteous, we are not in good standing with God.

What happens to those who are not in good standing with God? First of all, this is not a place you want to be. You want to make sure that you’re are always on God’s “good side.” In other words, no one should want to incur God’s wrath.

Just ask Aaron’s sons: Nadab and Abihu. Aaron and his sons were the priests God had chosen to be intermediaries between God and the people. The priests chosen to offer up the sacrifices that the people brought to the Lord.



God had given the priests detailed instructions on how these sacrifices were to be conducted.

I don’t know if Aaron’s sons got caught up in the moment, were putting on a show for the crowd, or took the Lord’s presence for granted, but they both took a censer, lit it with fire, and put incense on it, offering up strange fire before the Lord, which He had commanded them not to do. Suddenly, fire came out from the Lord and killed them right there before the Lord (Leviticus 10).

We can’t offer to God what we want to offer Him. We must be holy before Him, reverencing Him, and obeying His commands.

What are you sacrificing on the altar to God? Is it holy, pure, and acceptable to Him? Or, is it intermingled with sin?

Is your worship pure and holy, or is it mixed with the worldly music you love to listen to, that glorifies sin rather than glorifying God? Are you offering strange fire on the altar to God, and expecting Him to accept it?

We MUST live a life that is pleasing to God in order to be accepted by Him. We cannot continue to have one foot in the church, and one foot in the world. It’s ALL IN or not at all. Half in will not do. Being lukewarm is never acceptable to the Lord.

How do you know if you still love sin?

Can you be around sin day in and day out and not be affected by it? Can you watch television shows that celebrate adultery, lust, greed, pride, and those things that the Bible calls wickedness and abomination, and your spirit not be grieved?

Do you care more about what celebrities are doing, wearing, who they’re sleeping with, and tying to imitate them? This is a form of idol worship. All idolatry is sin.

There are enormous amounts of scandalous shows on television today. These shows are all designed to appeal to the flesh, which is an enemy of God. Do you shun these shows, or do you set your DVR so you don’t miss a single episode? Or, do you invite all your friends over and have a viewing party, because these shows are better when you watch them with friends, right?


Stop Sign


Holiness and sin are like oil and water: they don’t mix!

Why am I writing this?

Why do I care?

Because the church has been duped. Blinded. Infiltrated with false doctrine. We have very loud, very visible people, who claim to represent God and Christianity, that have been spreading lies and falsehoods.



These people have been sent to fool the people of God; to blind them to the truth. To teach a ‘new’ doctrine which deceptively masquerades as the truth. These people, with their false doctrine, are leading people to hell. And I don’t want to see ANYONE go to hell — when they don’t have to!

Jesus is on His way back (all signs point to His return), and if you’re not READY (holy, righteous) WHEN He returns, you are NOT going back with Him.



If you are still in sin (have not repented of your sins), or, saved but turned back to sin (backslidden), or, in church every Sunday but still practicing sin (unholy, unrighteous) — you are NOT going back with Jesus in the rapture.

The Bible clearly tells us that Jesus is coming for His church (His bride). This church has been purchased with His blood, cleansed, and sanctified, not having a spot or a wrinkle.



Bottom line: I want to see you in heaven. I want you to see the Lord’s face in peace.

When the dead stand before God at the great white throne of judgment, the books will be opened, along with the book of life. The dead will be judged out of the things written in the books, according to their works, and if their name is not found written in the book of life, they will be thrown into the lake of fire (Revelation 20).



I believe God is keeping record in heaven of every deed we do on earth, whether good or evil. All mankind will be judged according to their works. Some will be rewarded, and some punished.

Is sin that important to you to miss heaven? Wouldn’t you rather spend eternity in heaven — in peace, rather than an eternity in hell — in torment? This is NOT a fairytale. This is a wake-up call. I beg you to answer the call today, because tomorrow may be too late.


Wake up Call

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