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A Man Called Jesus

Let me tell you about a man called Jesus.

The Son of God. Born of a virgin. He was born to die – for the sins of the world. This was His purpose, His reason for being. He came to earth knowing that His time here would be short. He wouldn’t have much time to accomplish His mission.

Jesus was in the world but He wasn’t of the world. This world was only His temporary home. He knew He had a greater home in Heaven. A place where there is love and joy and peace. A place where there is no sin, no war, no hate… A place where the sun never ceases to shine.

Jesus only needed to complete His mission; die and rise again (with all power in His hands), then He could return to His home in Heaven.

He came preaching and teaching the kingdom of God. Jesus introduced us to this kingdom. He told us what it is, and what it is not.

  • This kingdom is not of this world.
  • This kingdom is God’s holy kingdom, where God reigns supreme.
  • This kingdom is full of God’s glory.
  • There is no sickness or disease in God’s kingdom.
  • There are no lame people in God’s kingdom. Nor are there any blind, deaf, crippled, or deformed.

Jesus was a man on a mission. He said, “I came to do the Father’s will.” He came to seek and to save the lost. He came to save a dying humanity from to pangs of death.

Jesus came to heal all who had the faith to be healed. He came to bring deliverance to the captives and hope for the hopeless.

If you’re bound by sin He’ll set you free. If you’re lost you can be found.

Jesus spread the love of God everywhere He went. He introduced the world to this love. He showed us that this love was otherworldly and had the power to change hearts and set people free.

Jesus’ deep expressions of love were from the Father. He loved us with the same love that He experienced from the Father. This love is not like the love that man has for man. This love is limitless, and without conditions.

God loves us even when we don’t love Him back. God’s love is spiritual and supernatural. It transcends time and space and geographical boundaries. God’s love is enormous yet still personable enough to encompass the heart of man. His love is transformative.

Jesus is someone the world needs to know. We (the church) must introduce Him to the world – through our lives lived in service to God. Through our actions. Through our spiritual devotion to God.

The world needs to know this Jesus whom we preach about on Sunday morning. The one we pray to. The one we teach our children about. Without Jesus the world is hopelessly lost.

Jesus Son of God King of Kings

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