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An Open Letter to the Church – Ch. 1 (*BOOK EXCERPT*)

Chapter 1 – WHAT IS FAITH?

So, what is faith? Think of it this way: Faith is something that happens outside a world where there are limits, barriers, conformity, and status quo. Faith operates in the sphere of what we would normally call “impossible.” But in the faith world, there are no impossibilities. Nothing is impossible to you through faith.

In our current world, there are laws of gravity, time and space, barriers, and limitations. What we see is real. If we can’t see it, hear it, touch it, or smell it, it doesn’t exist. If we can understand it with our natural minds, or conceptualize it, then it is a part of our reality. Anything that cannot be understood with the human mind does not have a place in our world. This visible, audible, tangible, sensory realm is what we call the natural realm. This is where we live everyday, following along with all the rules and laws that govern this realm.

Faith is not a part of the natural realm. Faith operates in the supernatural realm. The supernatural realm is where God operates along with all of His supernatural power. His power has no limitations or barriers. God’s power does not conform to the rules and the laws of the natural realm. In fact, when God speaks to the natural elements and our natural reality, they have to obey His voice. They bow to Him and obey His every command. When God speaks, the barrier that exists between the natural and the supernatural realm is broken, making miracles possible. And what we call a miracle (a supernatural occurrence) in the natural realm, isn’t a miracle at all in the supernatural realm; it’s a normal everyday occurrence. God can penetrate the natural realm with His supernatural power to make miracles happen. Likewise, when our faith crashes through the barrier of the natural realm (this barrier that exists in our minds) and reaches into the supernatural realm, touching God’s power, a miracle happens because it’s our faith that activates God’s power on earth and it becomes visible for all to see.

Faith is belief in the Lord God, His existence, His limitless power, and His ability and willingness to perform miracles in our lives. Faith believes that God is who He says He is and that He can do what He says He can do. Faith pushes past the barriers that have been set up in our minds—which have been programmed to believe only the things we can see. We are spiritual beings housed in a natural body. Our natural bodies place limits on us, but our spirit beings know no such limits. So, if we can conquer, or overrule the flesh, our spirit can then penetrate the faith realm and activate, or connect with, God’s supernatural powers.

This is why it is hard for some to believe in God. God is a Spirit; and it is hard for natural man to comprehend a spirit being because we cannot see Him with our natural eyes or touch Him. So, to our natural senses, if we can’t see God or touch Him, He doesn’t exist. But God can be perceived, or seen, with our spirit through faith. We can see God, touch Him, and hear Him through the eyes of faith. God makes Himself clearly evident in our hearts, but some simply refuse to accept the things they know to be true in their hearts. They push away the faith they have in their hearts and cling to the natural man, who is a natural enemy of God.

I often hear people say that they don’t believe in God. I just don’t believe this is possible because it’s in us to believe. Instead, these people choose not to believe, or deny what they know to be true in their hearts. And if you deny something long enough it becomes your reality and, thus, harder for you to believe.

Faith is the thing that most pleases God. For without faith it is impossible to please Him. Without faith, we are relegated to the natural realm where nothing of an extraordinary nature occurs. No miracles are expected in the natural realm because we know man’s power is limited, and we have been wired to operate within this reality. But faith takes us out of our reality and into God’s reality where there truly are no limits or impossibilities.

Faith operates in God’s world, where there is freedom from doubt, fear, barriers, and limitations. Our faith takes us out of the impossible to a place where everything is possible to the one who believes. When we walk in faith, our natural, ordinary minds are stripped of their debilitating control over us and we are free to walk in the liberty of the extraordinary, nothing-is-impossible-through-faith minds that God desires us to have. Faith takes us from being controlled by the natural, to being empowered by the supernatural. When we walk in the power of the supernatural, God’s power is manifested through us.

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