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An Open Letter to the Church – Ch. 6 (*BOOK EXCERPT*)


If the world doesn’t believe, it’s our fault. If the world doesn’t believe in the existence and the power of God, it’s the church’s fault. We’ve failed them. When the church is walking in the full power and authority of the living God, then the signs will follow; the signs will testify to the existence of a God who is working through us, behind-the-scenes, causing these great miracles, signs, and wonders to occur. When the church is operating according to the Scriptures, the world can’t deny the existence of God because they see the signs, which are hard to deny.

When Peter and John healed the lame man by the temple gates, the chief priests and elders could not deny that a miracle had taken place, because they saw the evidence; but because they were jealous, they threatened them, commanding them not to preach or to teach in the name of Jesus. It’s not that they didn’t believe, it’s that their hearts were hardened and they felt that their positions, and all the benefits they received from them, were in jeopardy. The world cannot deny the power of God when He is operating through His people. The church has failed God in this sense.

When we become too full of ourselves and our own importance, we neglect God and His work that He wants to perform on earth through us. When our focus is on the pursuit of worldly gain and the accumulation of material possessions, we neglect God and our spiritual duties. We can’t love the world and love God at the same time. Those who love the world, do not love God. And when we neglect our spiritual duties, the gospel is not being preached throughout the earth and the enemy is allowed the opportunity to slip into that void and darken the hearts of men, using them as puppets for his own evil purpose.

Satan has darkened the hearts of men and fooled them into believing they don’t need God; that they can establish their own laws and govern themselves instead of obeying God’s laws. In order to see what a heart absent from God looks like, all we have to do is look at the world around us. When there is no God-consciousness, evil prevails. When man tries to govern himself, of course he will only set up rules that are pleasing to him, rules that don’t require much of him, and rules that allow him the freedom to do the things he wants to do. Our rules place our own best interest at the center. When there is no regard for God and His rules, the world suffers, because there is no accountability, no one to answer to, no one to take us by the hand and say, “you shouldn’t have done that,” or, “don’t do that again, because that behavior is not acceptable.”

God sees what we cannot see. He knows the things that are going on behind-the-scenes, in the spirit realm. He wants to protect us from these unseen forces, whose goal is to destroy man and to keep him from fulfilling his destiny—the destiny he was created to fulfill.

Daniel prayed, seeking an answer from God about the vision he had received regarding Israel. Daniel prayed and fasted petitioning God for an answer, and for grace and mercy on his and Israel’s behalf. And God sent an answer to Daniel through his angel, Gabriel. But the answer was delayed because Gabriel was held up by the prince of the kingdom of Persia, who intercepted him while he was on his way to deliver God’s response to Daniel. This warring prince withstood Gabriel for twenty-one days until Michael, one of the chief angels, came to help him; then Gabriel was freed to come to Daniel to deliver his message. God showed Daniel what would befall Israel because of their disobedience and refusal to obey His laws (Daniel 10).

There are things happening in the spirit realm that we cannot see with our natural eyes. There are battles being fought between the forces of darkness and God’s holy angels. Sometimes we may pray to God seeking an answer from Him about something that’s troubling us, but His answer may be delayed because of a spiritual battle taking place behind-the-scenes. It’s not that God doesn’t hear our prayers—He hears us when we pray—sometimes His answer may be delayed, for various reasons.

Of course the forces of darkness want to stop your blessings from getting to you, knowing that some people will grow weary in waiting on God. Some will lose faith. And some will simply throw their hands up and walk away. But if we can learn to wait on God, no matter how long it takes, and keep trusting Him, no matter how things look, He will send us an answer in due time. Faith waits on God, being fully convinced that He is a God of His word.

The church must believe wholeheartedly in God, His holy word, and His omnipotent power. Partial belief is unbelief. We can’t pick and choose the things we want to believe, and reject the things we don’t understand, or the things we don’t agree with. How can we expect the world to believe, if the church doesn’t fully believe, submit, and obey? Our lackadaisical days are over. Either we are all-in, or we are all-out. But we cannot continue to straddle the fence with God. Our belief in God should cause us to lay down everything and pick up our cross (the same burdens, tests, and trials Jesus endured), and follow Him.

Our example and devotion to God should lead others to the only God who can save them, forgive their sins, and heal them. We should lead the way when it comes to faith, obedience, and devotion to God. If the world doesn’t know God, it’s our fault. We should be boldly proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ everywhere we go; and our lives should be a reflection of God’s holy will for all of mankind.

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