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What is Chai Tea and Jesus all about?

Chai Tea and Jesus is a weekly e-newsletter that gives a wink and a nod to two things I love: Chai Tea & Jesus!

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An exclusive peek inside:

The backdrop of the e-newsletter is you and I sitting down at the feet of Jesus, perhaps with a cup of hot chai tea in hand, listening to Him dispense wisdom.

Jesus was known to captivate a crowd. At any given time, He could be found with crowds of people around Him listening to Him, marveling at His insight, and captivated by His spiritual maturity.

Some sample topics that you might find in Chai Tea and Jesus:

● A study of the Hebrew alphabet, letter by letter.  יהוה

● An insightful article on one or more of our early Christian mentors such as David, Solomon or Mary, etc.

● Weekly spiritual exercises to aid in your spiritual growth and development.

● A weekly key scripture verse to meditate on throughout the week.

● And other topics as we are led by the Lord, by sitting quietly at His feet.

But mostly we want our ears tuned to the voice of God to hear what He's saying to us, what He desires of us, and how we might please Him in service and complete devotion to Him.

Join me, Jeanita Jinnah, as we delve into the depths of God (who's so expansive, and deep, and wide) to experience Him in ways we've never experienced Him before ...

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And join your fellow Jesus lovers, along with a hot cup of chai tea, on this amazing journey of spiritual insight and spiritual renewal. It's refreshing in God's presence - just ask Moses.

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Chai Tea and Jesus - Weekly Newsletter

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