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Christ, The Real Meaning of Christmas???

I’ve been thinking… and maybe someone can answer this question for me. If Christ is the REAL meaning of CHRISTmas, then why do churches routinely cancel services (close their doors) during Christmas??

I’ve never understood this. It just seems logical during Christmas to want to flock to the church, rather than away from it. After all, it IS Jesus’ birthday, right? Why not celebrate it with Him, in the House of God? But for centuries, the Church has habitually closed its doors during the Christmas season. I wonder how this makes God feel?

There is, however, a tendency for the masses to make their way to churches on Easter Sunday to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection. You’ve seen them, dressed up in their Easter best (starched and pressed), looking like they just stepped out of a JCPenney catalog.

Easter is the one holiday where churches and synagogues, all over the country, are overflowing with parishioners, who’ve come from far and near to celebrate the resurrected Christ. I doubt any church would ever consider closing its doors on Easter Sunday.

So why Christmas? Why can’t we also make our way to the House of God to worship our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, on Christmas morning?

I don’t think it wouldn’t be too inconvenient to have an early morning service on Christmas day. That way people could spend a few moments in the morning reflecting on Christ, and still have the rest of the day to spend with friends and family, eating ham and opening presents.

I’m sure the Lord would be honored to spend a couple of hours with us on Christmas day; to know that He is not forgotten, but celebrated, during the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season. Let’s give Him some of our time during the season — because if it had not been for Christ, there would be no Christmas!

I’ve been struck by how great the Lord’s capacity for hurt is. In reading through the book of Jeremiah, you see how much God is hurt by Israel’s rejection of Him. He tells Israel: I’ve loved you; I’ve called you my own; I’ve protected you from your enemies; but time and time again you’ve rejected me and gone whoring after other gods.

Israel could not (or would not) remain faithful to God. Even after He delivered them from Egypt with a mighty hand, they still rebelled against Him. They turned away from Him over and over again. Israel loved themselves (and pleasure) more than they loved God.

So, I’m sure the world’s rejection of God today really breaks His heart. Do we even know (or care) how much our actions, disobedience, and rejection of Him hurts Him? Sometimes we’d rather live according to our own standards, instead of God’s. We often reject Godly-principles for worldly-principles.

But, thank God we serve a merciful God. He is long-suffering, not willing that any should perish — giving us time to get our selves together. There is still time for repentance!!! Lord, forgive us. Have mercy on us!

Let’s put the CHRIST back in Christmas. Let’s live according to Godly-standards, rejecting the world’s standards. Let’s serve Him with our whole hearts — and let’s not break His heart. Jesus truly is the reason for the season!!

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