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Do Clouds Really Dance?

I love a beautiful sky. I can never really pass by a sky so beautifully decorated by the Master Designer without noticing it.

On this particular day, I was hurrying along trying to take care of some personal business when I stepped outside and caught sight of this gorgeous sky. I noticed it right away.

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“Do Clouds Really Dance?”

I couldn’t help but notice how colorful the clouds were on this particular evening. They appeared to be dancing across the sky, worshipping the Creator of Everything! How wonderful! How glorious! How majestic! All praises, glory, and honor to the God of heaven and earth!

I find enjoyment in God’s good earth. I also think that God wants us to enjoy the beauty surrounding us everyday.

Yes, there is so much sadness, evil, and hatred in the world today. But there is also a reason to smile, laugh, and worship our Creator. Because, in spite of everything going on in our world today, God is still a good God. He’s still faithful. He’s still a wonderful and loving Father to all who love Him.

Don’t forget to give God praise everyday. If He woke you up this morning, that’s a reason to praise Him!

Don’t forget to stop and take time to admire God’s creative handiwork on the earth. There’s so much beauty surrounding us!

Don’t forget to acknowledge all that God has done, and is doing, in your life. Without Him, where would you be?!

Don’t forget to celebrate the precious gift of God’s sinless Son, given to save a lost and dying humanity. Without Jesus, I would still be lost!

When you see God’s glory peeping through the clouds, take a moment and admire it…

Dancing Clouds

Isn’t our God Amazing?! He’s worthy to be praised!!

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Amen. Bless the Lord Oh my soul and forget not His benefits


Amen, Dawn! This is a beautiful Scripture Prayer.