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Do We Worship God, Or Do We Worship The Music?

King David was a worshipper. He wrote beautiful songs that celebrated God in all of His Glory. David loved God with his whole heart. He danced before the Lord with all his might.

David got so caught up in worship that he danced right out of his clothes. He didn’t care that he was the king of Israel, or that people were watching him; he was worshipping his God: The God of his fathers…

The God who chose him above all of his brothers to be king over Israel. The God who delivered him in battle. The God who poured out His blessings on him, and his seed after him. The God who protected him from his enemies.

David played beautiful music, but his music brought glory to God, not himself. This is what true worship does, it glorifies God. Man gets no glory out of worship, but God gets all the glory – which He rightfully deserves.

I love good worship songs; songs that take you to the foot of the cross, and introduce you to Jesus’ love. Or, songs that take you to the throne room of God where you can find peace, joy, and a relationship with the Father. These songs magnify God. God is well-pleased with these songs.

I hear a lot of “gospel songs” today that sound a lot like R&B. They sound like the kind of the songs played in the clubs. As a matter of fact, quite a few “gospel songs” ARE played in the clubs.

And you often hear the “gospel artists” CELEBRATE the fact that their songs have cross-over appeal. They say these songs reach a wider audience – people who wouldn’t normally step foot in a church.

But I seriously doubt that these people are thinking about God while they’re “grinding” to these songs in the club. They are definitely not being convicted of sin, or introduced to God. God is NOT being glorified with these songs.

You would NEVER, EVER, hear any of these songs being sung in heaven. I can imagine that the angels in heaven sing songs about God’s glory, majesty, and splendor as they bow down before Him in worship.

Sometimes I wish I could get a glimpse into the worship that takes place in heaven. I can imagine it’s not like anything we’ve ever experienced here on earth. The worship in heaven is pure, holy, and focused on God.

God should get the glory in worship. If our worship is not glorifying God, it’s not true worship.

Today, the songs have to have a good beat. The music has to be electrifying, and has to ‘pump up’ the congregation. It has to feel good to the flesh.

If we can’t pat our feet or clap our hands, we feel we haven’t had chu’ch. If we can’t “shout” (a dance that is common in African American churches) we think the service was lacking. And we can only “shout” to the music. When the music stops, the shouting usually stops.

Our concept of worship has become warped. Flesh has crept in and taken hold of our services. Our music now caters to the flesh. We think we’re worshipping God when we’re really worshipping the music. Our flesh is edified while our spirit-man is becoming weaker.

God gets no glory in this environment. WE OWE HIM THE GLORY!

Let’s stop for a moment to think about how this makes God feel. We were created to worship our Creator.

I was reading Psalm 148 the other day, and it talks about how ALL of God’s creation (the sun, the moon, the hills, the valleys, man, even the animals) should give God praise. Everything should praise the name of the Lord, because His name alone is excellent, and His glory is above the heaven and the earth.

It reminded me that we were created to praise God, and to show forth His glory in all the earth. Our lives should be lived in service and adoration of Him, because it’s in Him that we live, move, and have our being.

Which brings me to another point: worship is not a one-time event. It’s a lifestyle. Our lives should be lived in a way that brings glory to God.

Our lives should reflect our love of, and devotion to God. When we love God with our whole hearts, it shows up in every area of our lives. Our lives should be holy and pleasing to God.

This makes God happy – when His children acknowledges who He is through their worship. And this is exactly what worship is, an acknowledgement of God; His omnipotent power; His sovereignty; His omnipresence; and His love for mankind.

This is why it is important for the Christian to know who God is, because how can you worship Him if you don’t know Him? This is why our worship is often lacking – we just don’t know God.

We only know what we’ve heard about Him in Sunday School, or what we’ve heard preached across the pulpit. But, most Christians have yet to cross over from a head-knowledge of God to a heart-knowledge.

When you know God with your heart, your worship becomes complete, spiritual, not lacking anything. You begin to worship God in spirit and in truth (the truth of the revelation of who God is).

If you really want to serve God, put down your smartphones, iPads, and all other distractions, and pick up the Holy Bible, which directs man to a Holy God.

Get acquainted (or re-acquainted) with the God you say you serve. Develop a relationship with Him through prayer. Ask Him to reveal Himself to you. Devote your life to Him in worship, and obedience. Serve Him with your whole heart.

Worship Him for who He is. Don’t worship the music, the pastor, or even the praise and worship leaders. Worship your Creator, because He’s worthy to be praised!

Worship Psalm 95

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