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Don’t Allow Ignorance to Rob You of Your Anointing

I read a really good book that tells the story of a woman, an American Secretary, who became the first female king of her African village.

The book, King Peggy, tells the true story of Peggielene Bartels, who was chosen king through a series of traditional rituals, following the death of her uncle, the former king.  

Peggy’s uncle died, leaving behind an impoverished village, no money in the treasury, a king’s palace in a bad state of disrepair, and a system of corruption being perpetrated by the village elders. Peggy stepped into a royal mess!

But, as luck would have it, King Peggy was able to turn things around through the process of time, with hard work, and the help of a few faithful and honest people who served with her on her council.

Because King Peggy lived in America the majority of the year, she made a trip to her village once a year. Over time, she was able to implement the reforms necessary to make the much needed improvements, bringing again respect to her community, and reestablishing the trust of the people.

But what the book did most for me was enlighten me to some of the traditions and customs practiced in some African societies. Ancestral worship seems to play a huge part in African culture. They believe that they can communicate with the spirits of the ancestors that have passed on.

The ‘stool’ is one way in which the ancestors are worshipped. Every king usually has a stool (like a throne) upon which he sits to hold a royal court. But the stool is also believed to hold the spirits of the ancestors, who are now deceased.

They believe these ancestors can communicate with them through the royal stool, giving advice and guidance to the king. It is important to keep the stool, or ancestors, happy at all times; because an angry ancestor can cause great trouble for you.

Another tradition passed down through the generations is the pouring of libations to the ancestors.  Libations is a drink offering. King Peggy made a habit of pouring libations every morning. It’s usually poured outside the front door of ones’ home. Libations were also poured out to the stools, to keep the ancestors satiated.

It was usually an alcoholic beverage, such as Schnapps. Although, it was discovered that King Peggy’s stool did not like Schnapps, it preferred Coke. (I’ll let you read the book to find out how they discovered her stool prefered Coke (smile)).

As Christians, we know that these ‘ancestors’ are really demonic spirits, masquerading as the souls of departed loved ones. They are deceptive in all of their ways, and liars, cleverly deceiving the ignorant. But these traditions are nevertheless passed down from generation to generation.

Paying homage to the ancestors is usually practiced by all: the common folks, the chief (every African village usually has one), the king, the religious guides, etc.

King Peggy, while living in America, eventually joined a church community and became a Christian. But she still maintained her African traditions. It appears that she simply merged her Christian faith with her African traditions.

What I really want to stress here, is the importance of Godly-wisdom — and discernment.

Sometimes, African Americans tend to embrace the African culture because they are trying to find, and connect with, their African heritage. But, they may not be fully aware of all the traditions, and the meaning(s) behind them. So they will perform some of these rituals, ignorantly, not having a full understanding of what it is they are doing.

In this, they may be inviting certain ‘unwanted’ spirits into their midst. When you open this door, you expose yourself to another world that the Christian should not be dabbling in. Light and darkness cannot exist in the same space.

Further, a Christian should never go to one of these African figure-heads (the king, chief, or any spiritual advisor) to seek advice, or a blessing. We would never walk up to the Devil and ask him to bless us, so why would we even consider asking a blessing of one who indulges in idolatrous practices?

We need to become wise. Our ignorance is killing us, and robbing us of our anointing. Unbeknownst to us, we may be inviting a curse on ourselves, and our family, for many generations to come.

Our churches can also become cursed. We remove God’s anointing from among us through false doctrine (that can creep in subtly), embracing worldly-practices over Godly-practices, pride, no spirit of prayer in the church, and having no real relationship with God. All of this can block the move of God.

And we wonder why our church is not blessed: no significant growth, people are not being saved, and the Holy Ghost is not falling.

Ignorance has robbed us of our anointing.

If you feel that you may have unknowingly opened the door to an evil spirit, I would advise you to prayerfully seek God so that He can show you where you may have gone astray.

And when He shows you, close the door immediately; do not continue with these practices.

Pray that God will remove any spirit that is not of Him from your life, your family, your church — In the name of Jesus. Repent of your actions, and your ignorance. Ask Him to fill you with Godly-wisdom, and discernment, so that you are able to discern what is good and what is evil.

God is able to close any door. Trust Him today.

King Peggy Book2        The book is a good read: I highly recommend it.

King Peggy Stool       Here is a picture of King Peggy’s stool.


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Amen! God is a jealous God and wants us to worship Him and nothing or anybody else. God gets greatly offended when we worship ancestors, money, people or anything or anyone else. God said “Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God and Him only shalt thou serve.” I also have prayed this prayer for God to remove any spirits or spirit guides from my life that He didn’t send. He indeed has done it!


You’re right. We can make a god out of anything or anybody. In today’s society, we even idolize celebrities and sports figures. We buy the products they endorse, dress like them, follow them on social media, and some even have plastic surgery to try and look like them.

God told us that were should have no other god beside Him. He alone is worthy to receive our worship.