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Faith and Matters of Life and Death

Faith is a touchy subject as it relates to life and death. When you’re in the midst of a life-or-death situation, it’s sometimes hard to have faith, because you are looking at the situation. And if you are emotionally involved, it can be even harder to separate your emotions for the sake of faith.

If someone is on their sick-bed, and the doctor comes to you and says the situation’s hopeless, we naturally take the doctor at his word, and reluctantly start making plans for the end.

This is natural, as doctors have become our primary source as it relates to healthcare and matters of life and death. Faith does not naturally enter the picture at this point.

But, how do you tell a grieving family, who has just received the news that their loved one has only a few short hours to live, and that they should call the family in to say their goodbyes, that there IS yet hope! The family has almost become united in their resignation of the fact that their loved one is dying.

This is what I struggle with. Trying not to impose my faith on anyone while being respectful of where they are in their level of faith.

If you say something, and they really don’t believe, then it’s almost as if you’re offering them false hope. Or… they could actually see a glimmer of hope, which can then propel them on to greater faith. And when faith catches hold and takes root, then God can actually begin to move in the situation.

If you study the life and ministry of Jesus Christ, the ones who He healed were the ones who had the faith to be healed. And they often acted upon that faith.

The lady with the issue of blood believed that if she could make her way through the crowd, and just touch the hem of His garment, then her blood condition would dry up.

I can almost see her crawling on her hands and knees in an attempt to make her way to Jesus for healing. And when her faith connected with His power, she was healed (Luke 8:43-48). There seems to have been a desperation there on her part for healing, and a willingness to do whatever it takes to receive it.

Faith won’t always be easy, because we have many obstacles that stand in our way: Our earthly mind, that wants to believe what it sees as opposed to believing the impossible, and the God who makes all things possible.

Our flesh, which is carnal and contrary to the will of God.

The naysayers who have nothing better to do so they spend their days dousing (throwing water on) people’s faith.

And the devil, who will stop at nothing to get us to believe a lie over God’s truth.

How desperate are you? How desperate are you for healing, a breakthrough, deliverance?

Are you willing to press your way through all the obstacles to get to Jesus to receive your healing?

Or, are you more content to believe what the doctor says, because, even though it’s not always the easy thing to hear, it’s the safe choice and often requires little of us? No faith. No obstacles. No dirt on our knees.

God wants us to have faith in Him. Trust His word over the word of man. Look to Him as our source for all things. And believe that He is the God who makes all things possible.

The God who gave us life also has the power to restore us back to life. Simply believe!

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2 Comments on "Faith and Matters of Life and Death"

This is such an inspiring topic. Over the last year, I experienced multiple losses of friends and family who were very close to me, including, but not limited to my Mother AND my godmother. I have learned that, in regards to others who are very sickly, we are to ALWAYS keep the faith, believe and trust in God and know that it is ALWAYS God’s will that we live long. We would want people to have faith that we will recover so we should also have faith that others will recover. I have talked with people who have been healed… Read more »
You know Dawn, I guess our job is to tell people God is a healer whether THEY believe or not. Unfortunately, not everyone’s going to believe. But as believers, we should always believe. If we have the kind of relationship with Him that we’re supposed to have, and know without a shadow of a doubt, and believe in His healing power, then we SHOULD always believe. God gives US the power to lay hands on the sick so that they can recover. He transfers this power to us through the name of Jesus Christ for this purpose — to be… Read more »