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God Has Something Better

God said He has something better. Hold on and trust Him in the process.

It’s very common for us to want what we want, when we want it. But it requires discipline and patience to hold out and wait for what God has for us instead.

There is also a measure of faith involved. Faith in God to do what He said He will do. Faith that if we wait with expectancy in our hearts, and with our eyes focused on God, we will reap the reward — if we trust and never doubt.

God’s ways are not our ways, and His thoughts are not our thoughts. His thoughts our higher than ours. And His ways are past finding out.

He’s not even on the same level that we are on. Our mortal minds cannot comprehend the depth and the richness that is God. So why not trust Him to be the Lord of our lives? Why not trust that if He says He has something better, then He truly has something better.

It’s easy to fall into temptation, and to grow weary in the waiting. But giving up and throwing in the towel will not grant us access to all that God has laid up for us. Giving up actually stops the flow of God’s blessings.

So, do not grow weary. Do not give up. Do not take your eyes off God. Keep trusting. Keep believing. Your better is just around the corner.

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3 Comments on "God Has Something Better"

Jackie darling
Jeanita, I agree with you 100%. Each day I have to choose whether or not I will trust Him. His ways are beyond our capabilities. I must choose to hold on and wait with great expectation that He alone has good for me and not to harm me. This is especially true when waiting. I decide ‘how’ I will wait. Will I sulk like an ungrateful child or with the reverence due to Him? Choices must made and then you stand with the armor of God and trust in the waiting…. He is there with me if I seek His… Read more »

God has something better! Amen!