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God is Openly and Publicly Testing Those Who Call Themselves Christians

In Deuteronomy, Moses told Israel that God took them through the wilderness for 40 years to humble them, to test them, to see what was in their heart, and whether or not they would obey Him.

And we all know how the story ends. Israel failed the test – miserably. They could not obey God, or remain faithful to Him, or represent Him in the earth. And for this, He would not grant them entrance into the land He had promised them. They remained wanderers in the wilderness for many years.

Israel failed their test. What about us?

I believe God is also testing us, the church, in our “wilderness” to humble us, to know what’s in our hearts, and whether we will obey Him, and remain faithful to Him.

People have no problem calling themselves Christians. They tell everyone they know. They carry around a Bible, and have their names etched on a pew in church.

They do “good works” such as give to the poor, volunteer at local missions and food banks. They sometimes go on missions trips abroad. They give to missionaries. They even show up for Bible Class and Sunday School occasionally. They take their status as a Christian seriously, and want people, and God, to see them as good Christians.

These Christians know what Jesus said about doing unto the “least of these.” So they visit the sick and the prisoner. They evangelize the lost. They donate their used clothing to those who are in need of clothing to cover their nakedness.

They know what to do, and do it with gusto.

Something’s Missing

Yet, there is something lacking in these Christians. Something is missing. Something’s not quite right.

What is it? What’s missing in these Christians’ confession of faith? .. Love. .. A deep, abiding, sincere, genuine love is absent from their hearts.

Sure, they talk about love. They sing about love. They even preach about love. They talk about Jesus’ great love for the world, that He laid down His life to prove His love, and His obedience to God (John 3:16).

What’s missing in many Christians today is love.

Love for their brother.

Love for their neighbor.

Love for God.

Love for God’s word.

A genuine, sincere, sweet kind of love that melts hearts. Heals souls. Lifts heavy burdens. Casts away fear.

Many Christians today are devoid of this kind of love.

And this angers God. It frustrates Him to no end. Because make no mistake about it, God knows what’s in our heart. We can preach, teach, and sing about love but God knows if it’s really there.

God can peek into our souls and see that a decaying and infested heart in resting in the place where He had strategically placed a vital, and actively beating heart.

God is testing us. And He’s testing us openly. He’s testing us in a big way.

Many are failing the test. And because they failed the test, no matter how long they’ve called themselves Christians, they will not survive His judgment.

Like Israel, these failed Christians will not enter into His promised “land.” They will not enter into God’s heaven. And this will be a shock for these people. Because they’ve always judged themselves by their own standards. And by their standards they’ve always passed the “goodness” test.

A sad day is coming.

What a sad day that will be, when God pronounces a judgment of death on these “Christians.”

Many of them have been prostituting the gospel for their own personal and financial gains.

Many have been using the Bible and the church as a hiding place … to try and mask what’s truly in their hearts. But now, they’ve been exposed. God has lifted the covers, shone a spotlight on them, and exposed them for what they truly are – wicked, false Christians, false prophets, false apostles, and false evangelists.

No one can hide from God. No one.

Many of these false Christians have been evangelists of greed, pride, selfishness, faithlessness, corruption, and hate. They’ve been perpetrating a fraud, and God is calling them out.

They’ve deceived many. Caused some to stumble. Caused some to walk away. And caused some to lose hope.

These are the false prophets and teachers the Bible warned us about. You shall know them by the fruit they bear. Because their fruit represents all that they’ve planted over the planting and harvesting season. It reveals the true nature of their seeds.

God is issuing a warning to these false Christians. Come out of sin. Stop perpetrating lies and deception. Stop disgracing and shaming God’s holy name. And walk into the light.

Walk into the light of God’s love. Walk out of sin and into repentance. Walk out of the carnality of your flesh and be filled with and led by God’s Spirit.

Stop fooling yourself, because you’re not fooling God.

The time for God’s grace is just about up. And His grace is not given for us to continue in sin, but to repent of our sin. For without repentance – genuine repentance – we cannot see God’s face in peace.

God has exposed you to save you. But if you reject God’s offer of salvation there will be no more hope for you. Repent!

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