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This is God’s Earth. He Created It. He Owns It.

Listen up people! This message doesn’t seem to be getting through. So let me make this loud and clear.

This world belongs to God!

There are many people, many groups, many sects laying claim to this earth, as if by some goodness of their own THEY created it.

People have been fighting … warring … for centuries – for as long as man has inhabited the earth – for ownership of a plot of land, a city street, a town, a country, or a nation.

These people have felt – for whatever reason – that they deserve to take possession of a piece of this world … a world they didn’t create, nor had any part in creating.

Why is this? 

Is this the nature of man? Of humankind?

Is it in our D.N.A. to own, rule, or take over something that belongs to someone else?

Why have we been struggling to live peaceably on this earth with our fellow man?

Yet, we have a need to control and dominate. To rule over others.

… Maybe we get this from our father – the god of this world – Satan.

This, however, was the reason he was kicked out of heaven, along with his rogue followers, for puffing himself up as though he were someone important. As if he were equal with God.  He got too full of himself.

We have gotten too full of ourselves.

We are like visitors to someone’s home who have taken more liberties than we should in our host’s home.

We’ve taken advantage of our host’s generosity.

We’ve brought, not just an overnight bag, but we’ve unloaded our whole house into someone else’s home.

We are like guests who have overstayed their welcome. And our hosts are becoming fed up with us.

I am convinced that this is how God feels about us. He created a beautiful world and invited us to stay here temporarily. But we have become annoying and disruptive guests who have disrupted our host’s peaceful home.


We want to own God’s world and refuse entry, or equal access to others … who quite frankly don’t look like us. Who we feel are not equal to us. And who we feel are not as deserving of living alongside us on God’s green earth.

Let … me … make … this … perfectly … clear. 

You do not own, nor have you ever owned God’s earth. Therefore, you have no right to dictate who can live here, and who cannot. God created all of mankind – all of us – and made a space for us – all of us – to live comfortably here on earth.

Only a foolish man would think otherwise. Only a simpleton would hold such foolish notions.

God is the owner of this world. And as the owner He has a right to tell us how we should live on His earth. We listen to Him.

So before you end up getting kicked off this earth, the way Lucifer was thrown out of heaven by God, I suggest you wise up … straighten up … and shut up.

You are only a guest here. You do not own these facilities. And what you think you own, you will not be able to take with you when you die. It all stays here, where it belongs. Nobody will be able to take a piece of this earth, or any of their worldly possessions when they die.

God owns it all. Everything belongs to God.

Now repeat these words after me, commit them to memory, and learn to live by them because they just might save your life:

This world belongs to God. He created it. He owns it. I’m just a guest here. I’m at the liberty of my host. From now on, I will be respectful to my host and to all His other invited guests, understanding that as its owner my host can invite anyone He wants into His home, and I don’t have a say about it. 

Now change your attitude. Be wise. And keep your mouth shut. And God just might let you live out your life here on His earth.

Feel free to leave your comments below. Your confessions. Your repentance to God. Your appreciation to Him for allowing us to live on His earth. 

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