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God’s Master Plan

God’s master plan for your life is that you may prosper and be in health even as your soul prospers.

                                 master plan: a detailed plan for doing something that will require a lot of time and effort.

We really need to start looking at the connection between a person’s physical health and their spiritual health. Christians especially.

When we see a Christian who is habitually sick does this have any connection at all to their spiritual health and well-being?

I do believe that internal turmoil (stress, fear, depression, unforgiveness) has a negative impact on a person’s external being.

A person who harbors bitterness in their heart will quickly grow old and become weighed down by the bitterness. You see it in every frown line on their face, in the sunken hallowness of their eyes, and in the way their bodies begin to hunch over just from the sheer weight of it all.

So why wouldn’t a spiritual deficiency also cause the same or similar affects on ones body? I believe it can, and does.

Where there is no peace there is fear and torment. And where there is no complete trust and confidence in God, there is fear. Let’s face it, most Christians don’t have confidence in God. We have more confidence in our doctor, our employer, and in some cases in ourselves than we have in God.

God is often a distant God who we pray to to intervene in our lives during those times when our backs are up against a wall. He wasn’t our first thought or consideration. We only turned to Him when we didn’t see any other way out. When our smarts or our degree couldn’t help us. When we couldn’t muster enough strength on our own to get the job done. We sometimes turn to Him as a last resort.

This should not be the Christian’s demeanor. God should be the first one we turn to for guidance and advice. His Word should be the Christian’s life coach. When we’re searching for the meaning of life we should turn to God, who gave us life.

God's PlanGod should be our Master Physician. Can not the One who created the body also heal the body? Can not the One who created the mind also give us peace of mind?

God desires that we should prosper and be in health even as our souls prosper. He wants us healthy and well both physically and spiritually.

Turn to the One who created you.

Put your complete trust and confidence in Him.

Seek Him.

Desire Him.

Love Him.

Let His will be done in your life.

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