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God’s Will Is Good

We often find ourselves trying to do things our own way. We get in a hurry, and get wrapped up in our independent wills and in our strengths and abilities, that it may never occur to us to consult God before taking that next step or making that major decision.

We simply sometimes forget to stop and talk to God first.

A Christian should never operate like this. The Bible instructs us to pray about EVERYTHING and to pray WITHOUT CEASING.

In other words, pray until you get an answer (and sometimes that answer may be no).

Often, this requires that we wait on God for an answer. And, herein lies the problem — we don’t like to wait (I know I don’t!!). But we MUST wait. God’s got the (right) answers that we need, if we simply wait.

God has a plan for our lives. And His plan is good.

We must allow God’s will to be done in us. And we need to trust Him with our lives. For if we don’t trust Him, how can we truly say that we serve Him? In order to serve God, we must surrender to Him. Surrender our will, and seek His will.

And, something to consider about God’s will…

God's Will

Not our way, but God’s way. His ways are not our ways (Isaiah 55:8). And He has a timing for everything.

Abraham waited 25 years for God’s promise to give him a son (Isaac) to be fulfilled. (25 years!!) That’s a long time.

God promised Abraham that he would have an heir; that Abraham would be the father of many nations; and that his seed would be as the sand of the sea shore (innumerable). And this promise to Abraham was fulfilled — in God’s time.

Question: How long are you willing to wait for God’s will to be fulfilled in your life? And do you trust Him? If you really trust Him, you will wait on Him. Abraham trusted God — and waited — and received God’s promised blessing. We must do the same, because…

God’s will is good, and it is worth waiting for!

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