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God’s word NEVER changes! (period!)

When God gave His word to man, through inspiration and prophecy, to be recorded in a book (the Bible) as a record to man for all times, He meant for us to use it as a guide and to gain insight into the thoughts and character of God.

As a guide, it leads us into all truth, keeps us on the path of righteousness, gives a clear record of God’s will for mankind. His word also grants us insight into the mind of God: His character (who He is), His holiness, righteous judgment, love for mankind, His plan for and expectations of man, etc.

When this word was spoken, it was final, and recorded in heaven as such. Therefore, we are expected to guard the truths found in the word, adhere to them, not wavering or doubting, and obey them as God’s sacred truths.

So, if any man, or angel, comes to you and tells you that he’s received a word from God that’s contrary to the words already spoken in His Holy Bible, he is a LIAR!!

Any prophecy of God will ALWAYS be in agreement with His Holy Word. It’s just confirmation of what He’s already spoken.

God’s word never changes! Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, and today, and forever (Hebrews 13:8). Jesus is God’s living word that became flesh and dwelt among us, it (the word) spoke the world into existence, it convicts, convinces, and leads man into a revelation of God and Jesus Christ the Son of God (the embodiment of the fullness of God).

Stand firm on the word of God. Even though the world doubts and lives in opposition to God’s word… YOU, stand strong. Don’t allow the world’s moral shifts and radical acceptances of new (ungodly and unholy) things tempt you to deter from God’s word. No matter what becomes new and acceptable to man, God’s word never changes! If it’s not acceptable to God…it’s not acceptable (period!).

Therefore, stand strong, keep the faith, don’t waver or doubt in your faith. Don’t back down from the truth. God’s word is true, and it will prevail in the end. Whoa to those who are not on the Lord’s side. Peace and safety to those who adhere to His word.

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