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How Comfortable are you Talking About Jesus?

Today I went to pay the storage fee on my storage unit. The gentleman behind the counter, a very nice guy, has helped me several times in the past.

Today, in trying to make friendly conversation, he mentioned that he’s ready for the warm weather to finally come (Aren’t we all?!!). We had a brief discussion about the weather, he handed me my receipt, and I walked out the door.

As I was walking to my car I thought to myself, every time this guy waits on me, he always says something about the weather. It just seems natural for people who want to make friendly conversation with someone, but can’t think of anything else to say, to talk about the weather. I guess the weather is a safe topic.

As I was leaving I thought how wonderful it would be if we could talk about Jesus as easily as we talk about the weather.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that’s it’s not easy for me to walk up to a stranger and talk about the weather or anything else. But I’ve always been that way.

Shyness is something I really have to work hard to combat. But God can, and does, use shy people too!! Just look at Moses. He wasn’t the most confident guy in the world, but God used him mightily to deliver a nation!

I can remember being in a bookstore right before Christmas. I’m not a big shopper anyway, but I especially try and avoid the mall around Christmas-time because I don’t like the hustle and bustle of the season, and all that goes along with it. So I was trying to find something quick, make my purchase as fast as I could, and get out of there pronto. (I like to leave the holiday shopping to the real shoppers!!)

As I was looking through a few children’s books this older gentleman came up to me and started making friendly conversation. I thought I could say a quick hello and he would go away.

But, not this guy! He wanted to show me pictures of his grandkids, and have a regular ol’ chit chat. When I saw that he wasn’t about to go away I thought, Jeanita why don’t you just slow down and talk to this guy for a few minutes? So I did.

I listened to him for awhile as he talked about his travels and his missionary work. It didn’t take me long to realize what he was trying to do. He was trying to witness to me!! He was out trying to lead people to the LORD. I thought, how awesome!!  So as we continued our conversation he soon discovered that I already KNOW the LORD.

That was an eye-opening experience for me. Here I am trying to rush and get my shopping done (with my one-track mind), that I may have missed an opportunity that day to talk to someone about the LORD. Not just that day, but everyday.

How often do we rush through life, passing by people every day in our haste to “keep it moving”, not being sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit? Most people in the church are looking for “ministry opportunities,” but we pass by opportunities every day — a chance to tell someone about what Jesus Christ did for us.

The gentleman in the bookstore reminded me of what I need to be doing everyday, sometimes even in the most unexpected places. And the guy at the storage facility today reminded me that Jesus is a topic that Christians should be ready to discuss as easily as the weather.

So, my question to you is: How comfortable are you talking about Jesus? Can you talk to someone about Jesus just as if you were talking to them about the weather? Or, do you become nervous at the thought of bringing Him up to a complete stranger?

Most Christians aren’t comfortable talking about the LORD. And it seems, to me anyway, that it only gets worse the longer we are saved.

When we’re first born-again we have that child-like excitement and can’t wait to tell people that we’ve been born-again. It’s exciting! New! Something we want to share with everyone we meet.

But then the newness quickly begins to wear off, almost as quickly as a new car looses that “new car” smell. Once that “new car” smell fades over our newly minted Christianity, our passion about sharing our experience begins to fade as well.

Fortunately, we can now go into almost any store today and purchase an air freshener that helps us recapture that “new car” smell. So maybe we can also  find a way to recapture our passion about our salvation-experience and start sharing it again with others, just like we did when we were new-born babes in Christ.

Jesus Christ never goes out of style! He’s still as relevant today as He was over 2,000 years ago (John 3:16). It’s time that we reignite our fire!

Are you comfortable walking up to a stranger and talking about Jesus?

Leave your comments below.

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7 Comments on "How Comfortable are you Talking About Jesus?"

Amen…I also look for ways to minister to people everywhere I go. I have an urgency in me though to always do more..just like Mr. Schindler from Schindler’s list. He said “I could’ve saved more”. The fire that ignites me is realizing that much of the current generation is ALREADY lost. They have pits already dug for them in Hell (torment) for the demons to torment them once they die. It takes MANY ministers to go “out of the box” AND out of our comfort zones and COMPEL people to come and be saved. Social media is an excellent avenue.… Read more »

“I Could’ve Saved More.” I like that. I’ve heard it expressed in many different ways. “Each one reach one.” “I can always do more.” I think these are all very good ways of saying there’s always more we can do. I think if we all begin to adopt this as our mantra, and develop a genuine love for lost souls, we will begin winning more souls for Christ. It’s never too late.

Jackie Darling
I so agree with your post, Jeanita. If we (His people) would speak of Him as easily as we speak of the news, the weather, or whatever, He would be lifted up. He said that if He be lifted up that He would draw all men to Him. I guess there is an action item for all of us to ‘lift’ Him up no matter where we are and what we are doing. This is a great call to remember that we are to remember Him and acknowledge Him in all of our ways and daily operations. I know that… Read more »

I couldn’t agree with you more Jackie. And yes, I so admire that older gentleman for “being about His Father’s business,” even among the holiday shoppers. Nothing should distract us from being a light to this dying world!


Love the topic. That is why I am starting a publication called “Christian Introvert”. There are two types of people in this world introverts and extroverts. We introverts don’t find it comfortable to talk about Jesus because, well frankly we don’t like to just walk up to anyone and talk about anything. natural conversation is hard for introverts. We need to warm up to you first. So don’t feel bad you don’t talk about christ to every person, because the light will shine through not only your words, but your actions. God Bless.