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How Is Your Spiritual Health?

Most of us are very intentional about making sure that we are eating right, exercising, and doing the things we need to do to keep our physical bodies healthy and in tip-top shape.

I have been becoming more aware of the things that I put in my body (food), the things that I put on my body (beauty products, perfumes), and the things that I use around the house (detergents, cleaning products).

A lot of the common household products that we use everyday are filled with harmful chemicals and dyes; unnatural products.

I believe that knowledge is power. And sometimes what we don’t know can kill us. Therefore, I am doing what I can to at least know what it is I am actually consuming and ingesting in my body.

The Bible tells us the things we need to do to live a healthy physical (and spiritual) life here on earth. The foods that God gave man to eat (fruits, vegetables, herbs, nuts, and grains) were all designed to keep us healthy.

When we eat “off the land” we are sure to get the nourishment we need to keep our bodies functioning the way they were designed to function. It also helps to keep diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, etc. away.

But our diets have changed, and we have adopted lifestyles where we routinely and habitually consume excessive amounts of sugar, caffeine, processed foods, and foods filled with harmful pesticides, dyes, and other unnatural ingredients.

This lifestyle is killing us! We are becoming sickly and morbidly obese. We are killing ourselves with food!

What about the spiritual?

Our spiritual health appears to be suffering as much as our physical health. Our spiritual well-being suffers when we don’t spend quality time with God, and in His word. When we’d rather watch television and spend time on Facebook and Instagram than spend time alone with God.

God is a jealous God and, therefore, He is not willing to share us with any other gods. And we have a tendency to create other gods in our life, sometimes without even knowing it. Anything can become a god.

Today there is a spirit of “celebredom” taking over this world. We idolize sports figures, television and movie stars, and “reality” television stars. We practically worship them and bow down to them.

These people have a cult following who hang on their every word, desire to be like them, and follow and do everything they say. This is scary…

God wants us to be spiritually healthy. Our faith in God should be unshakable. Our love for Him should surpass the love we have for anything this world has to offer.

We should be progressively growing in our walk with God. We should not still be doing the things, and falling into the same temptations, we did when we were newly saved.

The things that used to trip us up in our infancy with God should not be the same problems for us when we become adolescents, teenagers, and eventually adults in God.

We should not still be wearing diapers and drinking from a bottle when we become spiritually mature in God.

I am determined to run this Christian race, and see it through to the end. God has been too good to me. And how often do we find someone willing to DIE for us? To make sure that we are not eternally lost, but can have eternal salvation.

We owe God so much. We owe Him our very lives.

The new year is coming up. People are already starting to think about their New Year’s resolutions, which usually consist of making changes to their physical and financial health.

If this is something you do around the new year, I would encourage you to also start thinking about your spiritual health.

Where are you in your spiritual walk with God? How can you make it better?

What are some things you need to get rid of that are hindering your spiritual health and well-being?

Today would be the day to start making the necessary changes. Because tomorrow might be too late.

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