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How To Receive A Blessing From The Lord

People of God, we have an amazing God who loves us and wants to give us His best. He wants to bless us. Because we have such a powerful God, we don’t have to live a life of lack, hopelessness and despair, depression, and shame.

It’s time for the people of God to arise! Arise, and take our rightful place! We are God’s chosen people, who are seated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus (Ephesians 2:6). He chose us while we were yet in our sins. That in itself says a lot about how great His love is for us.  

He is an amazing God; full of love, compassion, and grace — with a heart that wants to richly bless us with every good gift (I Timothy 6:17-19).

So, how do we receive a blessing from the Lord? There can be many variables involved, and each situation can be unique to the individual. But I want to speak of a few variables here that will get us on the right road to receiving a blessing from the Lord.


God told the children of Israel, if you obey me, I will bless you. If you seek after me, and do my will, I will make your name great in the earth. I will make you the head and not the tail, the lender and not the borrower — but you have to put your complete trust in me and put away your idol gods. 

He promised to give Israel a land flowing with milk and honey; a land rich in abundance, and full of every good thing. The nations around them would see them and know how blessed they were, and fear their God. He promised to make even their enemies to be at peace with them, if they simply obeyed Him.  

At first blush, we may think that obedience is easy — until we come up against a most formidable foe — our flesh! Our sinful, unregenerate flesh always seems to have a mind of its own, wants to do its own thing, and have its own way. Israel quickly discovered this.  

While I’m sure they wanted to obey God and keep His promises — and had every intention to do so — their flesh wanted to do its own thing and have its own way. Israel had become so accustomed to the lifestyle, customs, and pagan rituals they had practiced during their 400 years of captivity in Egypt, that it had become a part of who they were. It wasn’t easy for Israel to change overnight — even though they were no longer in Egypt. God had freed them from Egyptian bondage, but they were still in bondage in their minds. So, this caused them to rebel against God — which angered Him, and delayed His promised blessings.  

Let’s not be like the children of Israel. When God speaks, we should listen and obey. Our disobedience will block, or delay, a blessing from the Lord. He wants to bless us richly, but we must allow Him to. How sad would it be to miss our blessing because of disobedience? 

Why don’t we make a sincere pledge to obey God; keep His Word; and do our best to live a life that’s pleasing to Him? I don’t want anything to stop me from receiving a blessing from the Lord. How about you? 


The Bible says that God hates pride — He despises a proud look (Prov. 6:16-19). It is impossible to expect to receive anything from the Lord while living a life full of pride. A barrier is created between ourselves  and God when we walk in pride. 

Israel refused to humble themselves before the Lord. This showed a lack of respect and a spirit of disobedience. They simply refused to obey Him and keep His commandments — even after God had delivered them from Egyptian bondage with a mighty hand. They were too proud to humble themselves and submit to Him. Israel wanted to do their own thing, instead of obeying God’s will. 

This attitude blocks God’s blessings. And that’s what happened to Israel. Because they showed a lack of humility, their blessing was delayed 40 years. God waited until they all died in the wilderness (minus Caleb and Joshua) to give them their promised blessing. Why? Because disobedience cannot inherit God’s blessings.  

We have a rich inheritance in Christ Jesus. We are a chosen people, who have been made in God’s image. We were created to rule and to reign. But living a life of disobedience, and pride, will prohibit us from receiving anything from the Lord. 

It is critical that we seek to please God. He loves us and wants to bless us with every good thing (blessings, favor, long life, health, etc). But, we must be in a position to receive it. We must be humble and obedient, submitting ourselves to the Lord in order to receive from Him. 

Israel is our example of what not to do. Their disobedience and prideful hearts delayed their blessings. Let’s learn from their example and put ourselves in a better position to receive our blessings. When God opens up the window of Heaven and starts pouring out blessings, I want to be ready to receive!

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2 Comments on "How To Receive A Blessing From The Lord"

These are practices I have applied as a Christian and God has blessed me tremendously in every imaginable way – mentally, physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually. We must be humble and obedient to God so that we can be trusted with His blessings; otherwise, we won’t be grateful or we’ll have too much pride as if WE blessed ourselves. I often go into the bathroom at my job and raise my hands to God..thanking Him for being who He is in my life..telling Him that I belong to Him..and allowing HIM to be Lord of my life – EVERY part… Read more »
Thanks for the comment Dawn. Yes…God’s blessings are evident in your life. You are greatly gifted and anointed by the Lord. Your love for God, and complete devotion to Him, overflow out of you and into the hearts of others. You don’t know how often you’ve blessed me with your support and words of encouragement. And every time I hear you sing — you bless me. Your love for God is real. This I know for sure. Isn’t it a GREAT thing to have “fallen in love” with God? My love for Him is nothing compared to His love for… Read more »