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How to Survive the Summer and Remain Holy Unto God

It’s that time of year again. It’s summertime! That means warm weather, barbeques, bike rides, sunny days and NO MORE WINTER COATS!

It also means an increase in activity from those pesky little critters: flies, mosquitoes, bumble bees … yikes! A nice sunny day seems to bring happy days and goodwill to all.

Summer also means shedding those extra layers of clothing, which provide warmth and protection from the cold. But as Christians, we need to make sure we do not get carried away when shedding our extra layers.

Winter Coat in Snow

We need to be careful not to take off too many clothing.

This is not appropriate dress for a Christian…

Mannequins in Summer Attire

Neither is this…

Young Men Mowing Grass

I am in no way implying that a Christian must dressed covered from head-to-toe, like this..

or this…

Woman wearing long dress

 (Although, I kind of like this dress! I love a long, flowy, feminine dress. )

But my point is this: The church must remain holy. God requires this of His children – because He is a holy God.

Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall we must remain holy. Holiness is more than the external. Holiness is an internal conversion that does eventually manifest itself on the outside.

Holiness – God’s standard for every Christian believer – is a departure from the norm, as defined by the world. In the world, anything goes as long as it makes you feel good.

Outside of God’s rules and boundaries we are free to live life however we choose (but there are also consequences). But once we are born-again Christians, God’s standards now dictate how we are to live life as holy people in an ungodly world.

God sets the standards for His people. We should seek to please God, not man, and certainly not our sinful flesh – which is an enemy to God.

Holiness has not gone out of style. It’s still a way of life for the people of God. God is a holy God. Therefore, to please Him, we must also be holy.

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