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If God Could Build A Car

Recently, I’ve been doing a little car shopping. Nothing serious; I just know that soon I will have to replace my car. And since it’s been quite a while since I’ve had to shop for a car, nor do I have any idea what’s out on the market now, I thought it might be a good idea to start looking around, and checking out prices, etc.

What I have discovered in my ‘limited’ car searching is how expensive cars are today. It’s not uncommon to spend  $20,000, $30,000, or even $50,000 for a car today.

That’s a lot! And if you think about it, the quality of the cars seems to have diminished while the price has steadily increased.

When I was younger, cars then seemed to be of a better quality than they are today. The cars my parents purchased were more sturdy, and more dependable.

Today, in my opinion, cars have the appearance of being built out of cheap material. Some of the car bumpers today look like cheap plastic. And if you were to lean against a car a little too hard I’m afraid you might actually put a small dent in it.

I was listening to one particular saleman’s ‘sales pitch’ and he was telling me that a particular car had ten air bags. This was one of the ‘safety’ features he was trying to sell with this vehicle.

But as this salesman was talking I was thinking to myself: about 30 years ago we didn’t need all of those air bags, because cars were much more sturdy, and more safer than they are today.

If you got into a minor accident in one of the cars of “yesterday,” there usually wasn’t much damage done to the car. That’s not the case today, because today a minor accident could result in a pretty banged up car.

The quality, unfortunately, is no longer there. So in essence, what they are really selling us is a ‘feeling’ and an ‘image.’

There are so many added ‘features’ on cars today that, in my opinion, are unnecessary. But we’ve come to expect all of these luxurious features. I’ll be the first to admit that I love the heated seats and the heated steering wheel on my car. But if we really think about it, all we really need is a dependable car that will get us from point A to point B. All of these added perks help sell the car and the ‘image’ we want while driving the car. But they really aren’t necessary to operate the car.

If we would admit it to ourselves, we love it when our friends and family see us driving a car that has a lot of bells and whistles. Some people love driving a BMW or a Mercedes because of the ‘image’ that goes along with these cars, the feeling of luxury, and the picture painted when we drive these cars that says we’ve made it. This makes us feel good.

But even a BMW breaks down. I’ve seen a Mercedes being towed on the bed of a tow truck. All cars, no matter their make or model, will one day end up where all cars go once they are no longer operable: the ‘graveyard’ for cars.

The point is this: anything man-made will one day rust, break down, wear out, etc. I’ve never seen anything man-made last forever.

Once a car is old and rusty we no longer get a feeling of luxury and pride of ownership. We are usually left empty, and once we are finally able to get rid of it, with a feeling of ‘good riddance.’ Everything man-made will one day fade away.

Now, from a spiritual perspective.

It’s usually hard for me NOT to see things from a spiritual perspective. And as I  was going for my walk today, thinking over this topic, I  started to think about what it would be like if God could/would build a car.

Just like with everything God has ever created, it would never be corruptible. The earth is still going strong and functioning the way God created it to function.

When God created man He created him to live forever. But sin has corrupted our mortal bodies, and, as a result, we now get sick and die. But from the beginning, it was not so. We were not created to die.

The earth will one day pass away, but it’s because God will one day destroy it and create a new heaven and a new earth that are not stained with sin.

If God could build a car, I would be the first person in line to purchase it because I know that if God built it I don’t ever have to worry about it breaking down. You would never see a rust spot or any dings or scratches on a God-built car.

We often see things proudly displayed with tags that say ‘Made in America.’ It makes us feel good to purchase and own something that was made in our own country.

Likewise, for all things created by God we could proudly display a tag or sticker that reads ‘Made by God.’ We know that we can have full faith and confidence in anything that was made by God. Everything God created was, and is, good! (This would be a good place to pause and give God some praise.) Isn’t our God good?!

We can have full faith and confidence in God. He is an ever-present, ever-loving God. There’s no god like our God. Therefore, we have no need to worry, and we have no need to fear. We serve a great God.

I’m looking forward to my home in glory. I’m looking forward to walking down the streets of gold having a very spiritual, very deep conversation with Jesus.

I’m looking forward to walking through the pearly gates knowing that my new home is eternal in the heavens.

I’m looking forward to the day when God will wipe all tears from my eyes. There will be no more sadness, and no more pain. I will one day rest safely in my Father’s loving arms.

You know what else I’m looking forward to? Seeing YOU there! My, what a reunion that would be. Even though we may have never met personally here on earth, there will be no strangers in heaven; it will be as if we have always known each other. We will know all things and, therefore, have no need to ask God anything. All of the perplexing questions that have plagued us here on earth will not be able to rob us of our joy in heaven.

Let’s start preparing for our heavenly meeting. Our home in heaven will be like nothing we’ve ever seen before. See you there!

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