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If You Only Knew – Heaven is Waiting

If you only knew how much all of heaven is awaiting your arrival.

“Is today the day, Lord?” “Is this the day when you’ll go and bring our sister home?” “Is this the day we’ll meet at the pearly gates?”

If you only knew how Heaven is rooting for your success.

Your support system in Heaven is bigger than you know. “Shall I go down Lord and encourage her?” “Shall I go strengthen her?”

You are not alone.

You CAN make it.

You have the full support of Heaven, backing you up. As they say, God’s got your back.

Be encouraged my sister. Be encouraged my brother. Weeping may endure for a night, but joy is coming in the morning!

Hold your head up. Behold, your redemption draweth nigh!

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2 Comments on "If You Only Knew – Heaven is Waiting"

Jackie darling

Beautiful words of encouragement. Please put them on a image or photo with pretty fonts. Thanks for sharing and caring.


Thank you, Jackie. 🙂