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Living a Life Worthy of the Father’s Delight by Jackie Darling

Living a Life Worthy of the Father’s Delight by Guest Writer: Jackie Darling

Psalm 37: verses 4-5

Delight yourself also in the Lord, and He will give you the desire of your heart. Commit your will to the Lord; trust also in Him and He will bring it to pass.

Recently, I had the privilege of sharing a gesture of kindness (a simple meal) to a sister-in-Christ who needed a listening ear, a receiving heart, and words of comfort spoken to her soul and mind during a time of distress. In your life’s journey, have you ever received a kind word or gentle gesture of love during a painful trial, difficult circumstance, or just plain weariness?  An amplified version of Proverbs 16:24 states that a gracious word spoken (in due season) is like honey from a honeycomb. The word received is sweet to the soul and healing/medicine to the bones.

I can testify to the validity and truth of this scripture having been a recipient of its healing grace.  In this particular instance, the words that touched my heart were entwined within a thank-you response/text from the same sister-in-Christ that I had blessed earlier through the sharing of a simple meal.

The Father is delighted in you.

As I read the words again and again, I pondered why receiving these words into my heart and spirit (for a moment) seemed surreal as if they were intended for someone else other than myself. Why would the Father and Creator of this universe be delighted in me for sharing my chicken noodle soup?  Had I truly pleased His heart? This sense of intimacy with the Father continues to humble me especially as I reflect on my past struggles in receiving praise.

Earlier, in my life, it had been difficult for me to receive gestures of praise or acknowledgement from people. I always felt unworthy or vulnerable, emotionally.  I had found that most people tend to harm more than help with the well-meaning words that often flowed from their unfiltered tongues. In turn, I legalistically assigned this stance with God. I always thought it was improper for me to think that I could ever please God with the works of my hands. He was a far-off Great Being that had little time for gathering His children in His arms and speaking words of affirmation or delight over them. Life was hard.  We were here to persevere and endure until the end before we would hear the well-done speech from an austere God.

However, in the quietness of that moment, I could not receive these words as just a normal gesture of thanks. My spirit began to roll the words over within my heart and slowly I began to taste within my mouth the sweet wonder of what was being told to me.

Jehovah, my Father, was delighted in me!

The world’s definition of the word delight denotes obtaining a sense of great satisfaction or derived pleasure from someone or something. Spiritually, my heart was healed by embracing and trusting in this edict that the Creator of the universe (who in all of His omnipotence) is pleased when any act of obedience/love is done on His behalf and in His name. I still stand amazed and overwhelmed by the magnitude of it all.

In turn, I am even more encouraged to strive above all things to cause Him great delight in whatever I do in this life for His glory, purpose, and plan. If I delight myself in Him, He promises to give me the desires of my heart, which should be to always magnify and glorify His name in anything that I say or do in this lifetime that He has given me. Furthermore, if I commit my way to Him and trust Him, He will bring all things to pass in my life that cause Him great delight.

It’s amazing how He can take even the smallest of gestures and turn them into a ‘moment’ of distinguishing value and/or delight in the journey of our lives.

Next Steps?

With this knowledge now comes the weight of conviction at my job, in my marriage, and in my relationships. Will I seek to delight myself in the Lord despite the costs to my pride or ambition? During the course of my life’s journey, will I seek to say and/or do all things that might please His heart despite the protests of my flesh and mind? And lastly, in my obedience to do so, will I trust Him to bring all things to pass according to His purpose and plan while keeping me under the shadow of His care?

Truly, if the Lord’s will and plans are at the core of my heart, through prayer at each day’s dawn, He’ll enable me to say yes to the day’s trials…to His great delight.

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