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Must Jesus Bear the Cross Alone?

This weekend is Resurrection Weekend. It’s the time when the world acknowledges, and the church celebrates the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

It’s a time when we remember the precious gift of love Jesus gave to all when He sacrificed His sinless life for our sins (John 3:16).

Who wouldn’t be humbled at the remembrance of such a violent end to the life of an innocent man, at the hands of a blood-thirsty mob? I am deeply moved and humbled  that  He took my place.

But, must Jesus bear the cross alone?

Jesus on Cross

Is Jesus the only one who’s to suffer for the sake of the Gospel? Godliness and persecution often go hand-in-hand. The world will hate us (Christians) because we are not one of them. We are not of this world. We have been sent here for a season, on a mission from God. And that mission is to spread the Gospel to the lost. To lead people to Christ.

We will suffer for the sake of the Gospel. But the Bible tells us, if we suffer for the sake of  righteousness, we are blessed (1 Peter 3:14). So don’t worry too much about suffering now because it will one day soon all be over. God will wipe all tears from our eyes.

Our mission/purpose is what should drive and motivate us. And our love for God, and the suffering Jesus Christ endured on the cross.

Don’t lose focus. And don’t give up when trials and persecutions come — for they must come.

Our suffering is nothing compared to what Jesus endured for us on the cross. They are just light, momentary afflictions, which are producing for us an eternal weight of glory. His was much more greater and far reaching. So, must He bear it alone?

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