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I wrote a blog series on my blog, OnOurWay2Heaven.com, entitled: “My Journey: How a Shy Little Girl Fell in Love with a King.” This was a series detailing my journey growing up as a shy little girl in the Mid-West to becoming the woman I am today, full of love and unwavering devotion to God.

In this series, I share some stories from my childhood as one of four children to my parents Mama-D and Papa-C. There was me, my older brother, Brother-T (he and I are closest in age), and two younger sisters, Younger Sister #1, and Younger Sister #2.

I also share how growing up in a strict Pentecostal household shaped who we were as a family, created some challenges for us as children in school, and around our friends, and also how this God we served as a family eventually went from being my parents’ God to becoming my God as well.

You will also read how I met and fell in love with my husband (my first love!), and how we built a life together only to have it ripped apart after only a few years of marriage when my husband was diagnosed with, and eventually succumbed to the devastating effects of the dreaded disease – cancer.

But mostly, in the series I share some of the trinkets of wisdom and the spiritual insight I’ve gained along the way, in my journey. There’s so much value in the wisdom in some of these articles. I hope you’ll take them, share them, and apply some of them to your life.

So, are you ready? Are you ready to take this journey with me?

I’ve listed below every article in the series, in the order in which they were written. I would encourage you to read every article, and then go back and re-read them again. Share them with your friends. And, leave me a comment. I would love to hear from you! – Jeanita Jinnah

Blog Series: “My Journey: How A Shy Little Girl Fell in Love with a King”

The Beginning – #1

My World – #2

Brothers and Sisters – #3

Family Makes the World Go Round, Church Matters, and Other Good Stuff – #4

Being Different Is Not Always Fun, But Being Yourself Always Has Its Rewards – #5

Pure Joy and Youthful Devotion to God – #6

One Life to Live – #7

Child-like Faith: Then and Now – #8

There Are No Shortcuts – #9

All of Creation Bows Down to God – #10

Life is a Gift – #11

The Last of the Dinosaurs and Strength in the Fire – #12

Seek Truth – #13

Sound Bytes and Catch Phrases – #14

Marriage – God’s Way – #15

My Journey to Marriage – #16

Losing My Husband – #17

Quiet Strength – #18

God Reveals Himself As Healer – #19

How A Shy Little Girl Fell In Love With A King – #20

Thank you for sharing in my journey with me. I pray that something you read touched you, encouraged you, and motivated you to be the best YOU you can be. And that you will embark on your own journey of discovery, and devotion to God. He truly is a good God. And I am blessed just by knowing Him (and being known of Him). Many blessings to you and yours. And may God richly bless you. – Jeanita Jinnah 

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