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Life Is A Gift (#11)


When I was in high school, I couldn’t wait to be an adult — to be finished with high school. That was an awkward stage for me. I didn’t quite fit in with the adults yet, but I also felt like I was maturing faster than my peers.

In church, I didn’t feel completely comfortable sitting in the adult Sunday School class, but I was also beginning to feel a little out of place in the young adult class. This was just an awkward stage in my life.

We know we must mature and grow up — and on the one hand, we can’t wait to become an adult — but at the same time, a part of us wants to remain a child for as long as we can. We’re stuck between two worlds — wanting to move forward, but also wanting to stay where we are.

Life is funny that way. You feel the pull to keep advancing and maturing, but you also feel a sense of loss as you begin to leave your childhood behind. So what do you do? Of course you have to keep maturing and growing. You have to keep moving forward.

Life is meant to be lived looking forward, not looking in the rear view mirror. It may, however, be tempting to go backward, but you’ve already covered that ground — as they say, “been there, done that” — so there really is no need to go back. You can’t go back and change anything you’ve done in the past. The only thing you can do is learn from your past, try not to make the same mistakes again, and keep moving forward, attempting to make your tomorrow better than your yesterday.

Gift BoxYesterday is dead and gone, tomorrow holds the promise of a brighter future, and today is a bright new day that we’ve been blessed to see — a day we’ve never seen before. Life is a gift that we’ve all been given. What we choose to do with that gift is up to us.

God has gifted us with the gift of LIFE. He breathed into man’s nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living soul. This living soul was created in God’s own image.

We were given the ability to rule and reign, on God’s behalf, on the earth. He gave us dominion over the works of His hand. He gave us power and authority — His power; His authority — to conquer the flesh, the devil, and anything that will try to rise up and assert itself above God. (The devil doesn’t want you to know this. He doesn’t want you to know the privilege you have been granted as a child of God. He wants you to fear him. To run from him. And the devil also wants your God-given authority. He wants you to hand it over to him, and he will lie to you, deceive you, do whatever it takes to strip you of your heritage as sons and daughters of the King. Don’t be deceived by him. He is a liar and a deceiver. You have no need to fear him. His future has already been secured. God has reserved a place of torment for him where he will never be able to deceive the world again.)

If you don’t know WHO you are, you don’t know WHERE you’re going. And, you have no idea how to get there. Find out WHO you are, and WHOSE you are.

When you know more about the God who created you, you’ll begin to understand the purpose for which you were created. You’ll understand His will for your life, and know more about His love and passion for the lost souls, who have not yet come to know Him. We are God’s conduits on the earth, leading a lost and dying world to the only God that can save them, love them, and rescue them from hell’s flames. Use your life, this gift that you have been given, to bring glory and praise to God.

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