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Sound Bytes and Catch Phrases (#14)


There is a depth in God that can only be attained through committing ourselves to prayer, and reading our Bible. Spiritual growth and maturity comes through a long-term, committed relationship to God, the study of His word, and strict adherence to His laws (obedience).

God expects us to, at some point on this Christian journey, grow and mature, becoming strong in our faith, no longer babes who can only receive and digest the basic elements of Christianity.

Baby HueyWe are supposed to grow past the basics of our faith (baptism, repentance, faith, Holy Spirit baptism), and become mature Christians who are firmly rooted and grounded in our faith.

When we are firmly rooted and grounded in our faith, we are no longer easily offended or easily tempted to sin. We don’t drop off on our church attendance when the warmer weather appears, then renew our church attendance when the cooler weather returns.

Spiritual maturity does not cause us to be fair-weather saints. When we grow up spiritually, we have committed our lives to serving God.

For too long the church has existed on what I like to call sound bytes and catch phrases. The bulk of our knowledge of God comes from what is preached across the pulpit on Sunday Morning, from watching Christian television, or from the little cute quotes or catchy phrases that we hear during the week on social media. “God is good! (All the time!)” And we pass these things around, back-and-forth, without them really penetrating our souls and taking root. There is very little depth there.

We’re quick to blurt out these sayings, similar to how a person with torrets might blurt out random words, without these words having any significant meaning to them.

These catchy phrases mostly appear to come from some disconnected part of our being, and are not in any way heartfelt. It’s become natural because we’ve been trained to repeat these phrases, like a parrot is trained to repeat words that he’s heard. We’ve become Christian parrots with no substance or depth to us.

We’ve learned to mimic what we’ve heard preached across the pulpit. And we have the Christian mannerisms all but perfected. We have the contorted face that gives us the appearance of being deep, or spiritual. We know when to raise our hands and when to say ‘Amen.’ But our worship or service to God has no depth and has, therefore, not taken root.

I know this to be true because when you try and engage the average Christian in a meaningful, in-depth discussion about God, you sometimes get a blank stare looking back at you. They don’t have much to contribute past “God is good” or a brief recitation of what the preacher preached on Sunday.

I’ve been in conversations with people, and as long as the conversation was about what’s going on in their life, or in the world, they were fully engaged and very vocal. But when the conversation turned to God, shortly after, I’ve known people to cut the conversation short, and rather abruptly.

These people can gossip with you for hours, but the minute you start talking about God, in any significant way, they are ready to end the conversation. This has happened to me a few times. And at first I didn’t know why this was happening, but then I started to see and understand that these Christians, unfortunately, don’t really have anything meaningful to say about God, or contribute to the conversation, past “God is good.” (They just don’t know God well enough.)

I find this very unfortunate. God is not a sound byte. He is a very real, very personable God whom we can get to know on an intimate level. He’s not this far away God; He’s very near to us, and He very much wants to have regular fellowship with us.

Open up to God and allow His love to fill your heart with His presence. Talk to Him and He’ll talk back to you. Find out more about the God you serve. If you search for Him with a pure heart, you will find Him.

God wants to reveal Himself to us. But are we ready to get to know Him? Are we ready to lay down everything to serve Him? There’s a richness in God that can only be discovered through divine revelation, and a willing heart.

Open your Bible and seek out answers to who God really is. There is so much depth and richness to be discovered in God. You can only uncover the truth about God when you search for Him with your whole heart. Your journey of discovery can begin today…

Journey Begins

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Barbara Jumper

This is an awesome word truth of self I have struggled a while with what seems like empty quotes and conversation that are not Godly a minister said to me once about another saint “all she can talk about is church, The Lord this and The Lord that” for months I have tried to it this into some kind of perspective thank you Lord for this woman of God spearing not


Isn’t it true that before we know it we can easily get caught up in empty quotes and conversations that lead nowhere? I don’t want my conversations about God to be filled with additives and fillers. I want them to be backed up by the word of God. And God’s word is truth. I don’t want to only be able to repeat what I ‘hear’ about God, I want to speak what I ‘know’ about Him. And the knowing comes from developing a relationship with Him.

When we as believers hear the word of God, we should do as Hebrews 2:1 instructs. It writes “Therefore we ought to give the more earnest heed to the things which we have heard, lest at any time we should let them slip.” Further, we as believers should hear AND receive the word of God on good ground (the heart or mind or will) as referenced in Matthews 13:8-9. It writes “But other [seeds or the word of God] fell into good ground, and brought forth fruit, some an hundredfold, some sixtyfold, some thirtyfold. 9Who hath ears to hear, let… Read more »

True. And we should not only be hearers of the word, but also doers of the word. God gave us His word for a reason. He not only wants us to believe it; He also wants us to act on it. Hearers and Doers. Believers should eat, sleep, and breathe the word of God, for it gives us life.

Jackie Darling
Jeanita, You said something profound that touched me when you said we have to come to God with a pure heart and a willing heart. I so often come to Him with a hidden motive or objective that I try to stick down within my prayer as if He didn’t see it. How stupid of me to come to an almighty God with a hidden motive. I must come to Him with a heart to worship and obey; not a heart that wants Him to do what I want because I’m spending time on my knees. He isn’t interested in… Read more »
Jackie, I feel God is doing something remarkable with His people. He’s teaching us how to serve Him. And how to worship Him. This is nothing new – this has been what He’s been trying to do all along. He did it with Israel and He’s still doing it with us today. Too often we want to go to God the way WE want to approach Him. But God is saying, “No, my child. That is NOT how you approach Me.” We should always approach Him humbly and respectfully. I feel God speaking through me and I try to capture… Read more »