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The Beginning (#1)


This is the story of a shy little girl, who fell in love with a King. This is my story. Come along with me on this amazing journey as I share with you, from my heart, my story. You will weep. You will laugh. You will see me rise from the ashes of my past into my destiny, which God had already prepared for me, even before I was born.

In this blog series, which is entitled “My Journey: How a Shy Little Girl Fell in Love with a King,” I will share with you from certain aspects of my life … starting from childhood. I will also share kernels of truth and some wisdom nuggets, all of which have shaped my life, and made me into the person I am today. (By the way, my name is Jeanita, it’s very nice to meet you.)

God has been with me through this journey, leading me, directing me, and causing me to grow closer to Him as I grow up spiritually in Him. My love for God has grown closer, richer, deeper, as He has poured His amazing love out upon me. (This is why I love Him so.)

My goal is to release a new post in this series at least twice a week, usually every Sunday and every Wednesday of each week, until the series is complete and you have been given enough of a picture to understand my journey, which begins and ends with God.

My journey is probably similar to many of yours. My life didn’t start out in a beautiful castle, surrounded by beautiful things. Nor did it begin with a major announcement, announcing my birth to the world.

When I was born, the only persons who seemed to care were my parents (mama-D and papa-C), and a small circle of their close friends and family.

You see, my birth was preceded by the birth of my brother, brother-T, by 16-months. So, I wasn’t even the first child born to my family. But I was the first girl. And then eight years after I was born, my sister, younger sister #1 was born. And then four years after her birth, younger sister #2 was born. This made our family complete.

We didn’t have a lot of money, but we did have a lot of love. We were your average young family. Our parents were young and trying to figure out how to feed and clothe their growing family.

But this wasn’t our concern. My brother and sisters and I were busy trying to fill our days with fun and adventure. Our days were filled with skating, riding our bikes, climbing trees, playing hopscotch, jump rope, and running back and forth to the corner store to fill our pockets with penny candies.

We were also a little mischievous at the time. Occasionally, things got broken around the house: a mirror, a cookie jar, a table, a lamp. This was never intentional, you see, these things just happened to be in our way as we were actively pursuing our, and every child’s passion: play. But of course, we always got in trouble for not being more careful in the house.

Out of all my siblings, I think I was the least outgoing. I was the shy one. I was the one least comfortable around a crowd of people. I was the one who stuck close to home while the others roamed the neighborhood making friends and having fun.

As I got older, I preferred to be in my room reading a book or listening to the radio. I had made a comfortable world for myself within the four walls of our home. The outside world was a little scary for me. I was free to be me while I was at home.

At school, I didn’t always make friends easily. I mostly hung back and observed. Everyone knew that I was quiet and shy so they didn’t really bother me. Occasionally, they would try and include me in their games, but I mostly felt comfortable observing.

I was always a good student: quiet and polite. And I always completed my assignments on time. Very rarely did I speak up in class. But there were so many others who were eager to actively participate in class that my lack of class participation was barely noticed.

This was my world. Home and family, where I was the most comfortable. And the outside world, where I was more cautious and reserved.

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Denise Thornton

Thank you for sharing

Denise Thornton

I was a reader also, chose to keep a book every where I went.
I look forward to the next entry.


Denise, I still love reading. In my opinion, reading is much better than watching TV. Television tends to have a numbing effect on the mind. But reading seems to perk you up and keep your juices flowing. Thank you for the comment. Check back on Wednesday for the next entry in the series. 🙂


I can almost picture everything your saying. That tells me your a great writer. Looking forward to reading more..

Thank you, Esther. You are too kind. I’m learning that words are powerful. We can use them to bless, or to curse. I choose to use words to lift up and glorify God. I’m allowing the Holy Ghost to use me on this blog, in general, and with this series, specifically. I just want the world to know how awesome of a God we serve, and that He is very involved in the lives of His children. And if He’s been there for me, He will also be there for you too. All we have to do is trust Him… Read more »
jackie darling
Hello Jeanita. I so love a great journey that occurs in reading and sharing a book with a group of good friends. I’m so blessed to be in this circle and look forward to the next blog. I, too, was a very shy young lady who loved to read. My speech impediment often hampered me in speaking up without facing ridicule. So, I learned to enjoy the beauty involved in reading a great adventure and writing some of my own. You will have many passengers on this journey you will take us through. I’m sure you will ignite memories both… Read more »
Jackie, I know we will all be able to relate to my journey. Those of us who have been found all have the testimony that we were once lost, but now we are found. I think God wants us ALL to share our testimonies with the world. It’s important for us to remember where we’ve come from, and how we made it through. It was by God’s grace and mercy that I am where I am today, and it’s my heart’s desire to share with the world how God loved me through the storms of life. I once was lost,… Read more »