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The Last of the Dinosaurs and Strength in the Fire (#12)


There used to be a time that I would pray to God for one of those wise, old mothers so that I could sit at her feet and listen to her dispense wisdom. (Do you know the type of mother I’m talking about?) I remember when we used to have mothers in the church who you could go to for sound advice and wisdom.

These mothers would often take the young women under their wings and teach them how to be good wives and mothers, and impress upon them how a good wife should treat her husband.

These mothers would also teach the younger women how to dress like proper young ladies, telling them that you lose your power, and your self-respect, when you dress in revealing clothes. People don’t respect you when you dress this way. If you want people to respect you, you have to carry yourself in a manner that demands respect.

Wisdom ImageThese wise mothers have helped a generation of women become self-respecting women, pillars in their community, keepers of their own homes, and wonderful God-fearing women.

These mothers are a vital heartbeat of the church. But sadly, these old, wise mothers are also becoming a dying breed. You don’t often find these women in the church today. They have become a rarity.

I was already an adult and married when I first started desiring this type of motherly mentor. No matter how old you are, you are never too old to learn.

There is always something that someone can teach you, if you are willing to listen. And I also saw a need for this type of mentorship of young women, both in the church and out of the church. But it didn’t take long for me to see that finding this type of God-fearing, wise woman would not be easy.

Leave it to Beaver Dinner PicWe just don’t have a lot of women mentoring women in the church today, the way we once did. But also, most women today don’t want anyone telling them how to be good homemakers. This has become an insult in the age of women’s lib.

Women now feel as though they are “less than” if they stay home and care for their children. I think it’s very sad that we have been made to feel this way. There is nothing deficient, or lacking, in a woman who stays home and raises her children and takes care of the home.

In fact, these women are to be praised — celebrated actually. They have embraced their roles, in spite of today’s culture, and understand the vital importance of being the first, and best, influence in their child’s life during his or her formidable years.

Mothers are the best influencers in a young child’s life. May we never stop valuing the roles that God has given us to perform.

I think that we would have less wayward children today if someone had taken time out to raise them the proper way: to fear God, respect people (and authority), and if someone was at home to provide the nutritious meals that are vital for the growth and development of children.

I no longer pray this prayer: for a wise older woman to have as a mentor. I have learned to pray to God for wisdom — for myself. The Bible tells us: if any man lacks wisdom, let him pray and petition God, who gives to all men liberally — and it will be given to him. (James 1:5).

If there is anything lacking in our life, or some Godly-desire that we have, we are to pray and seek God for it. Who best to dispense wisdom than the One for whom, and by whom, wisdom was created?? If we desire wisdom, we should go to the Source of all wisdom. All wisdom comes from God.

God is our source. All good things come from Him. There should be no lack in our life — if we stay connected to the Source. God is a loving God, who loves to give generously to those who love and obey Him.

Maybe it’s time for us all to start being the thing(s) we desire. We’ve always heard, “If you want change, be the change you desire to see.” We sometimes have a tendency to look for others to start a revolution, lead a march, or refuse to give up their seat on the bus. We look for others to spark something in us, instead of lighting the match ourselves.

This is also true in the church. We look for God to supernaturally change us instead of actively pursuing change ourselves.

When we are saved, our spirit-man is saved, but we are still housed in the same earthly, sinful bodies we had prior to salvation. And it is this body that will often try and rise up, or assert itself above God. It still has its same sinful cravings and the willful notions that it should have and do anything it wants to have and do. But God is expecting us to crucify this flesh, and to be led by the Spirit, not following the leading of the flesh.

If you want to live right, don’t expect God to take control of the strings, and like a puppet master, control your every movements, forcing you to walk down the right path to holiness. God gives us the tools we need (the Holy Ghost), and the support (through prayer and the word of God), to live a godly life — which is pleasing to Him.

Usually, the things we desire can actually be found inside of us. Sometimes these things are obvious, and other times they are not.

Some of our qualities are discovered during times of testing (we discover that we are stronger than we thought we were); during times of lack (we are now able to see that what we once called “lack” is actually more than enough, as we were always, prior to this, living a life of excess, and often waste); and during persecution (where we would once fight back with the same force and intensity that we were being hit with, we discover that we have actually grown and matured and can see that our persecutors are really just lost souls, crying out for love, and hurting people who have determined to hurt others, hoping to inflict enough pain so that others can feel the same hurt and pain that they themselves are feeling inside).

Sometimes, it’s not until the heat has been turned up that we discover what we’re really made of. Don’t always see life’s difficulties and hardships as the thing that’s going to end your life. Sometimes, these things actually save our lives or stir up a tenacity in us, or a determination we never thought we had.

The fire is often a purifying agent. Once you heat up a metal it takes out any impurities and strengthens it, causing it to become stronger. Sometimes our strength is discovered once we’ve gone through the fire. Persevere through the fire, for it is there that you will find your strength.

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