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New Book: An Open Letter to the Church: On Faith, Holiness and Being Full of the Holy Ghost

The wait is finally over! My new book is now available for purchase! (God is good!)

The book deals with faith (which is required of every believer; without faith it is impossible to please God), holiness (which God expects of us, because He is a holy God), and being full of the Holy Ghost (there are many examples in the Bible of people who were full of God’s Spirit).

I set out writing a book on holiness, because I couldn’t help but notice that there doesn’t appear to be any concept of holiness in the church today.

When I was coming up in the church we were taught often about holiness, but this was mostly focused on the external appearance. No make-up. No pants for women. No jewelry.

We were expected to look plain, and holy. We were taught that God expected us to be, and look, different from the world. But the focus was mostly on the external look of holiness.

But as I’ve matured, I’ve come to understand that it’s possible to look holy on the outside, but still have a heart full of iniquity and pride. You can have people who have clean faces, and skirts down to their ankles, but still not be in right-standing with God.

Holiness puts us in right-standing with God. In order to serve a holy God, we must also be holy. Holiness is clean, sacred living.

True holiness starts in the heart and eventually manifests itself outwardly. So there is a look of holiness, and it looks like God, not like the world.

It emulates God’s nature, which is pure and holy. Holiness causes us to reject the world’s standards and embrace God’s standards. Holiness is God’s way.

I also talk about faith in the book. Faith is one of the basic elements of our Christian faith. We must believe in God, His existence, and His omnipotent power.

But our faith must also rise above the basic rudimentary principles of our faith and embrace the supernatural power of God, which has the power to save lives, heal, deliver, and raise the dead back to life.

Faith believes that NOTHING is impossible for God. And that ALL things are possible to the one who believes and has faith in God.

Faith causes a miracle to take place in our life. When we look at things through the eyes of faith, we do not doubt God, which hinders or blocks a miracle.

And finally, the Bible speaks specifically about people being full of the Holy Ghost. When we are full of the Holy Ghost, God can use us to do great things on the earth for Him.

When we are full of the Holy Ghost, we are being led by the Holy Ghost, which leads us into all truth, and anoints us as conduits for God on the earth. We operate for God through the leading of the Holy Ghost. We can’t be full of ourselves when we are full of the Holy Ghost.

I would encourage you to purchase a copy of this book. I have included quite a few Scripture references in the book, and there is a study guide in the back of the book. This book would be great for a personal study, small group study, or Christian Education.

The book is available in both paperback and ebook. You may purchase the ebook through most of your major e-retailers. The paperback is available wherever books are sold. So you can have your local bookstore order it for you. Or, you may purchase it online at BarnesandNoble.com or Amazon.com. The links for these are listed below.

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Open Letter Book Cover




Paperback ISBN: 9780986388903 ($14.99)

eBook ISBN: 9780986388910 ($9.99)
An Open Letter to the Church: On Faith, Holiness, and Being Full of the Holy Ghost

(Also available in our online bookstore: Spirit-Filled Reads.)

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