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DON’T DIE Before Reading This Eye-Opening "Instruction Manual" For Getting To HEAVEN…


Learn the Bible Way to Get to HEAVEN...

It's All in the Plan

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If you are like the “average” Christian, you have been taught that when you die you will automatically go to heaven. But this is not necessarily the truth. Many "Christians" will be surprised to open their eyes … after death … to find themselves engulfed by a fiery grave, in the abyss of the bottomless pit, known as hell.

But, this will not be YOU!

If you stick with the plan laid out in this "instruction manual" you will be one of the fortunate Christians who will open their eyes, on the other side, to discover that they are indeed in the eternal rest of heaven.

Do not ignorantly think that just because you are a faithful member of your local church that your church is preparing you to die.

Many people in churches around the world are NOT being “properly” prepared by their church for the hereafter.

What do I mean?

Well, let me ask YOU a question? Do you know what it takes to go to heaven?

Do you know with 100% certainty?

With a subject as serious as this – Heaven vs. Hell – there is no room for error, misunderstanding, or speculation.

You must get this right. And… you must get it right the first time. For there are no do-overs.


We’ve all wrongly, at some point in our lives, been led to believe that all GOOD PEOPLE go to heaven.

And this GOOD PEOPLE theory is based on some random theory that we have come up with in our heads…

If you give to the poor…

If you do good works…

If your good deeds outweigh your bad deeds…

If you feel you are a good person then that means you are a good person…

But the misconception in this theory is that WE define the definition of good.

And in this case, of course, we are always going to come out on the good side. We will always feel that we are “good enough” to go to heaven.

What person would say that he thinks he deserves to go to hell? I don’t know anyone. Do you?

In fact, I’ve seen where the most evil and hate-filled person has surmised that, in spite of his evil and wicked heart, he will still go to heaven when he dies … because God just doesn’t send anyone to hell, right?

God’s going to overlook all of this person’s past and present sins, and chalk them up to human frailties and grant him admittance anyway into His holy and pure dwelling place: heaven.

Despite the fact that this wicked and hate-filled sinner has never repented of his sins, never turned away from his sins, and never acknowledged God in any way while he was on the earth committing all his wickedness, he still feels that he has a  pretty good shot of going to heaven. And this is because according to his definition of “good,” he still meets this standard. Therefore, God will also go along with his standard and see him as good enough to be granted access into heaven.

So, do you see how it could never be our standards that determine whether we go to heaven? It is God’s standards that matter in the end.

God determines who to grant entrance into His holy kingdom based on how well we keep to those standards.

So what about the Christian?

Hasn’t the “Christian” gained an automatic entrance into heaven … based on his special relation to God?

When the Christian said “Yes Lord, please come into my life” or, when he was buried in the waters of baptism, didn’t that seal his seat in heaven?

Well, this is  what we’ve always been taught. Once you’re born-again, your next stop, after this earth, is heaven.

And… many Christians today live their lives like there is NO WAY they could possibly end up in hell.

If this is what your church is teaching you, then you have been misinformed. There's more to the story.

Your church, however well-intentioned, has not given you the COMPLETE picture.

They’ve left out some parts. (Some very important parts.)

And this is what this “instruction manual” is about.

This manual will help you fill in the missing parts that some churches have regretfully left out, so that you are not one of the unfortunate Christians who will open their eyes, in horror, to find themselves in the flames of hell … wondering how they got there.

This “plan” is full-proof.

There is NO WAY you will be one of the horrified Christians in hell … if you follow, and stick with, the “plan” laid out in this manual.

God has a very solid plan for ensuring you go to heaven when you die. His plan is fail-proof. There's no way to mess it up if you commit to it and stick with it til the end.

Before we get to the “plan,” let's look a little closer at what the Bible says about heaven.

What the Bible says about heaven:

 a holy city

 God Himself dwells there

 a place with no tears or sadness

 a place with no death

 no mourning, crying, or pain in heaven

 a place for overcomers

 God's glory resides there

 always light; there will be no night

 made of pure gold and precious jewels

 nothing defiled will enter in

 beautiful, pure worship exists

Heaven will be a safe place. There will be no crime there. No need for burglar alarms or car alarms.

Heaven is a place where the righteous will live with God for eternity (forever... there is no end to eternity).

The Bible says that no one who practices any kind of abomination or lying will ever enter into heaven. 


So, what is this plan?

How does one guarantee his place in heaven?

Well let's look for a moment at Israel, and the example they left for us.

Israel was God's chosen people. The Bible says God chose them, not because they were the greatest of all nations. In fact, they were the least. But God chose Israel to be His "special people."

Israel was granted full access to God. He called them His beloved.

God, in essence, "trained" Israel how to walk before Him. How to serve Him. How to please Him. God introduced them to His power. They even saw His glory!

Israel saw God's glory in the wilderness. God granted Israel unprecedented access to His glory.

God promised Israel a land of their own. A land flowing with milk and honey. A good land. God said that this land would be His holy habitation on earth. And His glory would dwell there among His people, Israel. He would provide for them. He would protect them. He would make them an example and an envy to the nations around them. The nations would know that God dwelled with His people.

I'd say that this was a GOOD PLAN! Wouldn't you?

God had mapped out a great plan for Israel. He had perfected it. This plan was guaranteed to work ... as long as Israel stuck with it. Nothing could go wrong under God's plan ...

Israel's Rebellion

But, something DID go wrong. Israel did not ... could not ... would not stick with God's plan. Not only did they resist His plan but they resisted God. They rebelled against Him. They disobeyed Him. Israel could not resist the temptation to serve other gods. These gods were once foreign to them, but they served them nevertheless.

Israel detoured from God's plan ... and made up their own plan. Their plan was self-serving. It pleased them, and satisfied the desires of their sinful flesh.

Because of Israel's disobedience and penchant for serving foreign gods, scores of them died in the wilderness. God also denied them access into the land He had promised them for an inheritance. 

You see, this had to happen. God could not allow anything corrupt, unclean, and disobedient in His holy earthly habitation. This land was holy because God Himself dwelled there. And nothing unclean could stand in the presence of a holy God, and live.

From the beginning, God made Himself, His power, and His glory known to Israel. He also made it abundantly clear what He expected of them.

God told Israel that He was a holy God, and His people must also be holy.

Holiness is the way to the Father's heart. It affords you protection from God. It grants you and I access to God's presence, and His glory. And it makes it safe for you and I to dwell in His presence.  

Holiness is God's way. It's His requirement for every believer. And it's the only way to guarantee yourself a place in God's kingdom.

What exactly is holiness?

The Hebrew word for holiness is qodesh (ko-desh). It means: a sacred place or thing; a consecrated (thing), dedicated (thing), hallowed (thing), holy.

When you have a, let's say a dish, that you deem sacred, you take steps to ensure that nothing defiles that sacred dish. You keep it in a special place. You don't allow it to be near contaminated and unclean items. You inspect it often. You wipe away any filth or dirt from it. You only use it on special occasions. This dish is sacred to you.

This is similar for a believer. Once you have been born-again, and God has filled you with His precious Spirit (Holy Ghost), you are a sacred and holy possession to Him.

God cleanses you of all of the filth and the sin that once smeared your life. He washes you and makes you brand new. He sets you aside and declares you sacred and holy. Clean. Free from "blemishes." Free from "stains."

Like Israel, you are now His chosen. His beloved. A royal priesthood. A holy nation.

God's holy Spirit dwells inside you. And because God is holy, you are, by virtue of His Spirit in you, also holy. 

The Key and the Evolving Plan

Have you ever observed a sow? Or are you familiar with the instincts of a sow? 

A sow is a female pig. We all think of pigs as dirty animals. They roll around in the mud. Eat slop. They smell.

A sow is happiest when she is covered in filth. When she's walking around in a pile of mud, with the mud oozing up through her toes ... this makes her happy.

Sometimes the farmer wants to present his sow in the best possible light (for example, when he desires to sell her or enter her in a sow "beauty" competition).

So what does the farmer do? He takes the sow out of the stinking mud pit. He washes her to remove all the caked-on mud and filth from her body; the ever-present fleas and flies that stick to her like glue; the excrement running down her legs; he cleans her ears, her snout; he even removes the mud from between her toes.

Now, his beautiful sow is finally ready to be presented before an anxious audience. When they see her, they 'oooo' and 'ahhh' in admiration. She ... is ... a ... beauty! And perfectly clean! Not a speck of mud anywhere.

This gives the farmer great pride. And he wears his pride on his face as the people gaze upon his most prized possession - his sow. She belongs to him, and it makes him proud to show her off.

But then, once the competition is over, the farmer takes the sow back home ... with an admonition to stay out of the mud! But the sow, being a sow, and a creature of habit, and a lover of mud, rushes back over to the pig pen. She drops her clean, hefty body back down in the mud. Then, she rolls and rolls and rolls, until she is completely covered in mud. Then she stands up and squishes her toes in the mud until the mud begins to ooze up through her toes, and under her toenails, and her feet are satisfactorily caked in the filthy mud. Ahhh... she is one happy sow!

And the farmer? Disappointed ... dejected ... angry ... he walks away. He can't bear to watch the joy that bubbles up in the sow when she is once again covered in mud.

Shaking his head, holding back tears, he leaves his "beloved" sow to her mud pit, her slop, and her pesky fleas and flies. He gives up. He knows how much she loves the mud; and her desire to be covered in it is greater than her love for him. So he leaves her to it.  

We are the sow, and the sow is us.

We are like the sow. We also have developed a love for "mud." And like the sow, it's hard for us to stay away from it. We roll around in it until we are thoroughly covered in it. We reek of it. The "mud" covers our feet, and squishes up through our toes. Only in our case, the "mud" is sin.

God, through the blood of Jesus, cleansed us and made us holy, yet, we cannot stay away from sin. And the Bible tells us that, like the mud, sin defiles us. It carries a stench, and the stench reaches up to God's nostrils.  

And just like the farmer, God is displeased with our desire to roll around in the muck and the mire of sin.

God's Plan

So, to keep us clean from the stain of sin God developed a "plan." And His plan works ... if we stick to it.

What is this plan? The Bible calls it holiness. Again, holiness is sacred, consecrated, and dedicated. 

Once we have received forgiveness for our sins, by the blood of Jesus, and have been washed and purified in the waters of baptism, and have been sealed until the day of redemption by His Holy Spirit, God desires to keep us, like that sacred dish, sacred and holy, and unstained with sin. This is pleasing to God.

And instead of our sin rising up to God and becoming a stench in His nostrils, our purified lives become a sweet-smelling savor to God. The aroma of a beautiful fragrance.

That's what God's standard of holiness is all about. Keeping us pure and holy, a sacred object, before Him. 

Once we have been purified, we are not to go back, and like the sow, roll around in sin. We are not to habitually practice sin. We should not embrace sin. We should not love sin. And we most certainly should not love sin more than we love God.

If we love God we will obey His commandments.

And if we want to make it to heaven we will love God, obey His commandments, and keep ourselves holy and unstained with the filth of sin.

That's what this "Instruction Manual" is all about. It's a guide to get you on, and keep you on, God's plan for ensuring your safe deposit into heaven.

And I'm pretty certain that this is also your desire: to make it to heaven. But, there are some things you must first know, and do, to ensure you can get to heaven.

You know the Scripture well that says, "And if it is with difficulty that the righteous is savedwhat will become of the godless man and the sinner?" (1 Peter 4:18 NASB, emphasis mine)

The Bible makes it very clear that this earthly journey will not be easy. There will be a few pitfalls and dips and valleys along the way. The road may seem long and hard, but God has a plan to ensure your safe arrival to your final stop on this journey: heaven.


Now, without further ado ... let me introduce to you the book that will bless your life. The book that uses a no-holds-barred approach to introducing the subject of holiness to the church. (The subject that has been largely rejected by the church today.)

The book that explains the concept of holiness in simple terms. Easy to understand, and easy to grasp. 

This book frees you of your obsession with sin, of rolling around in it, of smearing it all over your body, in your ears, and between your toes.

This powerful and anointed book is your "instruction manual," your guide to pleasing a holy God. It takes you by the hand and leads you down the road of holiness.

It shows you how to keep sin out of your life. It shows you how to keep your marriage holy. How to be a holy "church" - a visual representation of God's glory and power on the earth.

This book looks at holiness from two perspectives. 1. What God expected of Israel in holiness, and 2. What God expects of the church today in holiness.

There is a chapter on sex and dating. Is it possible to be in multiple dating relationships and remain holy and chaste before God?

We also look closely at Paul's letter to the Roman church. Paul's letter to the Thessalonian church. And Paul's letter to the Corinthian church. What did Paul say in these letters that is still applicable to the church today?

There is also a study guide in the back of the book that can be used for a personal study, a small group study, or for Christian Education or Sunday School.

AND... as an added BONUS, you also receive, in this book, a discussion on faith (what is it, and how to make faith tangible in your life?), and on being FULL of the Holy Ghost (when we are FULL of the Holy Ghost God can use us to do great things for the kingdom!).

This... is the book that your friends are raving about...

An Open Letter to the Church: On Faith, Holiness, and Being Full of the Holy Ghost by Jeanita Jinnah

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How can I get it?

To get your very own copy of this book go here now.  You will get an ebook version of this anointed book. The cost of the eBook is a very low $9.99!

That's the cost of lunch at your favorite restaurant. But, instead of soup and salad you will be feasting on the Word of God, as this book is full of relevant Scripture to guide you on your journey to holiness - and pleasing God.

Get the book now! It will change your life!  Yes, I Want My Copy!

But, you say...

Now I hear what you're thinking... "Isn't the Bible the road map or instruction manual that shows us how to get to heaven?"

Absolutely! But sadly, many Christians have not read the Bible completely through (in its entirety). They only know snippets of Scripture, and have been fed with sound-bytes and popular catch-phrases to satisfy their craving for a light, fluffy message of the gospel.

This book is not light, nor is it fluffy. It's weighty and meaty. The kind of book that will have you squirming in your chair when the truth of God's Word hits you. But this is what the truth does. It sometimes makes you feel uncomfortable. When we look at ourselves through the lens of truth it's like holding up a mirror to our face. It shows us how God really sees us. And sometimes, it's not pretty.

But truth is not something we should run away from. In fact, we should run to it. Because God's truth is what saves us.

God has a message for the church. And I am just His humble messenger. I had to sit at His feet and be confronted with His truth myself before I could even write this book.

God had to pour into me, filling me up, before I could pour out to you what He had given me to write in this blessed book.

An Open Letter to the Church is God's message to the church today - on faith, holiness, and being full of the Holy Ghost.

Will you listen to this message? Or, will you be like Israel, and most of the church today, and reject His Word, His laws, and His holy instructions?

Will you, like the sow, roll around in the "mud" forever, oblivious to God's desire to clean you up and free you from the stench of sin, and the flies and the fleas?

What will you do with this opportunity you have been given?

Who this book is NOT for...

This book is not for the "average" Christian. The Christian who can not digest sound doctrine. The Christian who is satisfied with a diet of "salad" and "junk food" that many are being fed in many churches today.

This book is not for the Christian who loves sin and desires to roll around in it hoping that God will overlook their love of sin, and their resistance to give it up.

And it's not for the immature Christian who cannot handle solid foods - preferring only milk.

Nor is this book for the Christian who thinks that holiness is a figment of one's imagination, and not something God requires of the church today.

If this is you then this book will not help you ... because you will not be able to handle the life-saving truths found in it.

Now, who IS this book for?

This book is for the Christian who desires to please God. To grow in their faith. And to stand firmly on the Word of God, and digest all of God's truth, even if it is like reluctantly swallowing a bitter pill, yet knowing that this "pill" will save your life.

This powerful, and God-breathed book is for the mature Christian who hungers and thirsts after righteousness. It's for the Christian who has learned to value God's Word and stand on it no matter how unpopular it makes you with the masses.

If you are reading this right now ... this book is for YOU!

Your being here in this space, having this discussion with me, is not a coincidence. You were destined by God, before the foundation of the world, to walk in holiness, and to take what you have received from God and pass it on to others.

Holiness is God's way. There's no other way to see God's face in peace without walking down the road of holiness. And, the Bible tells us that without faith it's impossible to please God. The Bible also shows us in powerful demonstration what a life full of God's Spirit looks like. God wants you to have this life!

Get the book. You will be glad you did!  Buy Now!

About me...

The journey to writing this book began many miles away, and many years ago. In fact, I am convinced I was created by God and given a mission to help usher the church into a real and meaningful relationship with God. One built on mutual trust and respect. And... to prepare the church for the coming of the Lord.

My name is Jeanita Jinnah. I am God's very humble, and at times, reluctant servant.

You see, I like to be on the sidelines. In the background. Blending in with the wallpaper on the wall. And like Moses, I often feel, "Lord, can't you send someone else?" "Can't you use someone else?"

God's response to that? I called you. I sent you. I have anointed you to go. 

Who can argue with God? Many people have tried ... and failed. As you very well know, when God says "go" you drop everything, gather up your emotions, pick up your cross, and go.

So, here I am... in this sacred spot, having a very relevant discussion with you about holiness - God's standard for every believer.

I must be about my Father's business.

God anointed me to write this book. He poured into me this message for the church in the hope that the church would stand up ... and pay attention.

His message in An Open Letter to the Church is simple.

  If you want to make it to heaven, you must be holy.

  If you want to please Me, you must be holy.

  If you want to see My face in peace, you must be holy.

  In order to please Me you must have faith, and you must be holy. There is no other way.

  And finally, God is saying, if you want to work for Me in the kingdom, you must be full of the Holy Ghost.

It's that simple ... faith, holiness, and the Holy Ghost. God's plan for a fully-functioning and highly-anointed church.  

Faith, holiness, and the Holy Ghost. These things will lead us to the Father.

Don't miss out. Get your copy of the ebook today: An Open Letter to the Church: On Faith, Holiness, and Being Full of the Holy Ghost. 

It's only $9.99 for the ebook (the cost of lunch). And you can have it in your hands today!

Download your personal copy of this ebook today! (Take me there.)

An Open Letter to the Church: On Faith, Holiness, and Being Full of the Holy Ghost.

(God's message to the church.)

Are you listening?

Watch this short video I put together about the making of this great book. And I'll be back after the video.

As I said before, this book was a process. It took me nine months to write, and many hours spent alone with God in the place where I like to go to pray (The Valley of Blessing). God poured into me so that I could pour out to you.

An alarming trend...

Before I go, I would like to share with you an alarming trend that I see cropping up in the church.

This trend is to put everyone in heaven when they die. We have a tendency to send everyone off with a warm and heart-felt "R.I.P." or, Rest in Heaven - no matter who they are, and no matter what the Bible says.

This disturbing trend has also made its way into the church. And while I can understand our desire to think that everyone will go to heaven when they die, as this gives us comfort.

The truth is that not everyone who dies finds peace on the other side.

Proof Of What I'm Saying...

Do you remember the story about the rich man and Lazurus? This parable showed us how the rich man, consumed by his wealth, his stature, and his status in life was too busy tending to his wealth to be bothered with God, and obeying God's laws.

The rich man had his wealth and that was enough for him. But this poor man, Lazarus, would sit at the rich man's gate, filled with sores, and beg for a few crumbs from the rich man to fill his empty belly. But this poor beggar's pleas went largely ignored by the rich man, who was more focused on his wealth.

Both Lazarus and the rich man died. Lazarus ended up at Abraham's bosom, and the rich man ended up in Hades (the place of the damned). Now the roles were reversed - with the rich man becoming the beggar.

The rich man begged and pleaded with Abraham to send Lazarus to dip the tip of his finger in water and place it on the rich man's tongue because he was being tormented in the flames of Hades. (You can read the parable here.)

This parable shows us that, in spite of what we feel, not everyone finds peace on the other side of death.

But the church has been misled and now believe this falsehood, and embrace it. This could be why there doesn't appear to be an urgency in the church to spread the truth of the gospel, and God's message of love, and His desire to save the sinful world from their pre-destined fate of torment in hell (for eternity).

The message of repentance gets lost in our desire to please and satisfy the people with a light and fluffy message on Sunday morning, as this is more readily received.

But God is saying ... repent! ... today! ... and turn away from sin - today! And accept God's offer of grace and forgiveness through the blood of Jesus Christ.

When you read An Open Letter to the Church you will be motivated to serve God in holiness, to walk a life of faith, and to be full of God's Spirit - and to be prepared to see the Lord's face in peace, knowing that the life you lived on earth pleased Him.

Get the book. Read it. And share what you've learned with your friends. For YOU also have been called to spread God's message of holiness and separation from to world to the masses.

An Open Letter to to Church. Don't delay. Get your eBook (digital) today! It's only $9.99! 

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Heaven is waiting...

An Open Letter to the Church: On Faith, Holiness, and Being Full of the Holy Ghost by Jeanita Jinnah

 Digital Download - eBook $9.99

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ﬡבֿ HEBREW ﬡבֿ

qadashto be (make, pronounce, or observe as) clean (ceremonially or morally). Be (keep) holy. Keep, prepare, proclaim, purify, sanctify oneself wholly.

† Holy Scripture †

For I am the Lord your God. Consecrate yourselves therefore, and be holy, for I am holy. - Leviticus 11:44