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Pray For Your Children Everyday

We need to make sure we are covering our children in prayer everyday.

There is so much going on in the world today — you hear about it in the news everyday. School shootings, bullying, kidnappings… The world has changed considerably since we were children.

There used to be a time when parents could send their children outside to play — we would be out there all day playing (and getting into mischief!). Parents would often tell their children to be home by the time the street lights came on.

But today, parents are  too afraid to send their children out alone, without keeping a wary eye on them at all times. Because, you just never know…

Kids are also feeling the strain. They suffer from a lack of physical activity, and stimulation; and the robust imagination that comes from being able to explore their world through play.

Yes, times have changed. We’re living in the last days.

We should always try and pray over our kids before we send them off to school or daycare; because, let’s face it, we really don’t know the people we are entrusting with our kids.

We only hope that the schools and daycare centers are doing a thorough and exhaustive background check on all those they hire to care for our children. Let’s hope nothing unsavory slips through the cracks.

These people caring for our children have a great influence over them. We’re entrusting our kids into the hands of complete strangers. How well do we know these people? Their values? But they are often passing their values and beliefs to our children. Our kids pick up certain habits, and spirits, from these people. That’s why it’s important to pray over them each day.

Pray With Children2When you put your children down each night, after reading them a bedtime story, take the time to pray. Pray God’s protection over them, and that the Lord would keep them from all dangers (seen and unseen). That He would watch over them while they are away from you, and keep them safe. Ask Him to not allow any harm to come to them. Ask God to keep them safe from stray bullets, stray dogs, pedophiles and child molesters, kidnappers, terrorist attacks, automobile accidents (be specific!).

This is how I pray for my nieces and nephews. I make my petition known to God. Because, even though we can’t always be with our children at all times, God’s eyes are in every place, beholding to good and the bad.

Teach your children to pray. Get in the habit of praying for them, and with them. Because there may come a time when they find themselves in a situation where they’re going to have to cry out to God for themselves.

God is not a God who is afar off. He’s very near; and He’s attentive to our prayers. So, even though He knows our thoughts, the Bible says we ought to make our requests known to God. So, make it a point to keep your kids covered in prayer everyday.

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