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(Butterfly Series) Evolution of a Lady – Butterfly Art DIGITAL PRINT – 8×10


Evolution of a Lady – Silhouette Art

Every little girl dreams of one day becoming a phenomenal woman.

This evolutionary inspirational art shows us the stages in our regal lady’s life – as an innocent infant, and then as a bright-eyed little girl, and finally into the woman she hoped she would be.

Our Victorian Lady wears a beautifully designed 18th century corseted long, flowing ball gown. Her antique lace headpiece is elegantly secured to her pin curled hair, and cascades gently down and over her forehead to shade her eyes, and rests easily at the top of her mouth. Her lace umbrella is feminine and helps to shade her from the mid-day sun.

In this evolutionary piece, our lady’s younger self walks stoically behind carrying a basket of fresh-picked flowers, and wearing her favorite lace dress. We also see the babe our Victorian Lady used to be crawling happily behind her younger self, on her journey of exploration and admiration at the world around her.

As we see, the evolution of a lady happens gradually and over time, and with much fun and adventure scattered here and there in between.

Wall Decor – Butterfly Series Word Art – Digital Download

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Digital Prints are No-Fuss, No-Muss. You may choose to frame it or not. If you do choose to frame it, the great thing about purchasing digital prints is that you get to choose the frame that best fits your decor.

Makes a great inspirational gift for Birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Sister, Daughter, or “Just Because.”

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