(BOOK) An Open Letter to the Church: On Faith, Holiness, and Being Full of the Holy Ghost [Ebook] [DIGITAL DOWNLOAD]


An Open Letter to the Church: On Faith, Holiness, and Being Full of the Holy Ghost covers topics relevant to the church today. Namely, holiness – which is God’s requirement for every believer, and the only way to see the Lord’s face in peace. It also discusses faith, a topic near and dear to my heart, and also a topic that many Christians struggle with. This book also discusses being full of the Holy Ghost.

Have you ever noticed how the Bible makes a point of pointing out to us whenever a person is FULL of the Holy Ghost (example Stephen)? The Bible goes to great lengths to show us how a person who is FULL of the Holy Ghost operates. When we are FULL of God’s Spirit, He can use us to do GREAT things for the kingdom!

The main theme of An Open Letter to the Church is holiness. This is what I set out to write about with this book. This is how God was leading me. It’s also a very important subject that God wants to get across to His church today. You MUST be holy to please Me. I am a holy God, and to be My people you must also be holy.

Holiness is a topic that very rarely gets discussed in many churches today. Which I find interesting because the Bible says that without holiness, no one shall see God.

We MUST talk about holiness. We MUST live holy lives. And we MUST keep ourselves sacred and holy before God. An Open Letter to the Church discusses holiness in Biblical terms. It doesn’t shy away from it. Nor does it diminish it in any way. Want to find out what God expects of His church in holiness? Get the EBOOK! Only $9.99!


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