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Righteous Prayers for the Wicked in this Season

Our job is not to be fearful – God has not given us a spirit of fear. He’s given us power, love, and a sound mind.

We must believe that we serve a great and powerful God. We must not make Him weak and powerless (in our minds).

We must pray His Word, at all times, keeping His Word active and alive. This also builds our faith.

First of all, let me start by saying that the things happening on the earth today are a direct result of sin – our sin. Our sin against God and His Word.

From the beginning, man has always rebelled against God. And as a result, God has punished man for his rebellion. He must do this, for He is a just God. He cannot let the evildoer go unpunished. Only an unjust judge would do this.

America has been on the front lines of rebellion against God.

America has rejected God, and His Word.

America has told God that we don’t want Him in our lives. We don’t want Him telling us how to live our lives.

We don’t want Him in our schools.

We don’t want Him in our public square.

We don’t want His name mentioned in the public setting, or visible anywhere in public – including on our money.

America did this.

And the church? The church stood by silently and watched. We were too distracted to pay attention. Oh, we tsked and shook our heads. ((soh)) But that was the extent of our disdain.

The Bible says that we – the church – are the pillar and the support of the truth (1 Timothy 3:15). Therefore, we are to defend it at all cost.

We are not to take God’s Word lightly. We are not to push it aside in favor of doing our own thing (as the world has done). We, the church, set the example.

The church has also rejected God’s Word. As the Bible says, we’ve accumulated for ourselves teachers (popular preachers, false teachers, liars, and deceivers) who will preach what we desire to hear. We’ve embraced these anti-christs to have our ears tickled, and our egos stroked. We no longer tolerate sound doctrine in the church. We no longer want to hear truth (2 Timothy 4:3-4).

So how does God respond to this? Does He sit by silently and watch it happen? Does He do nothing about it? Say nothing about it?

I think we’ve taken God’s grace for granted, as the Bible tells us not to do. God’s grace is not given for us to continue our practice of sin – which destroys us and condemns our souls to hell. God’s grace is given so that we might repent and turn away from sin (Romans 6:1-23).

We must not continue to practice sin. Sin is an act of willful disobedience to God.

America must repent.

The church must repent.

We must cry out to God for forgiveness.

We must pray that He forgives our sin, and heals our land (2 Chronicles 7:12-14).

Because, until we repent, God will not hear us.

God’s judgment is coming to this world. We can clearly see it.

Don’t be on the wrong side of God’s judgment.

Aaron’s sons (Nadab and Abihu) were on the wrong side of God’s judgment.

Aaron and his sons (Nadab, Abihu, Eleazar, and Ithamar) were priests in Israel. They ministered to God in their priestly duties.

God had given Moses and Israel specific instructions on how they were to serve Him. His way, not theirs.

Nadab and Abihu, during the course of their priestly duties, took firepans, and in addition to lighting them with fire, decided to add incense to the fire, and offered this “strange” fire up to God.

This, God had forbidden them to do. Again, God had given specific instructions to the priests on how they were to conduct the sacrifice, and the business of the temple (His dwelling place).

So when Nadab and Abihu defied God by offering strange fire up to Him (probably a ritual they had picked up in Egypt during the worship of pagan gods), it angered Him, and He sent down a ball of fire to consume them, and they died.

Moses instructed the bodies to be taken away and buried, and told Aaron not to question God’s judgment. They had willfully disobeyed God, and received His judgment right there on the spot. (Leviticus 10)

Some may call this harsh.

We’ve been accustomed to only focus on God’s love that we sometimes forget that He is also a God of judgment.

We see God’s judgment played out many times in the Bible.

Who could forget the flood that God used to destroy the earth … because man had so corrupted the earth with sin.

This angered and enraged God. (Yes, God gets angry too.)

So God said, I know what I’m going to do, I’m going to destroy sinful man, and the earth which he has corrupted.

Now remember the narrative in Genesis of how God created the earth. He put special care and attention into creating a world for man to live.

And once He had created everything, the Bible says, “Everything He created was good.” It was perfect.

But then, man rebelled against God by disobeying Him, and this set a course of sin and disobedience that we are still feeling the effects of today.

Everything we see going on in the world today is a direct result of the sin that man created in the garden. And it’s only gotten worse. There’s no restraint to man’s sin and disobedience. Corruption. Murder. Lying. Deception. Oppression. Adultery. Fornication. Anything man can think of, he does. Nothing is off limits to sinful man.

What is God supposed to do? Allow it to go on indefinitely? He won’t. Only an unjust god would do this. God is a just God. And He said He would not let the sinner go unpunished. (Exodus 34:6-7)

We have been living under God’s grace for some time now. This means He has been restraining Himself from punishing man – in His finality.

Oh, we’ve seen snatches of God’s punishment of man. I’m convinced that earthquakes, tornadoes, disease, even enemies rising up from far and near are all part of God’s judgment of sinful man.

He allows these things to happen. He removes His hands of protection from sinful man and allows this type of judgment to touch their lives.

Why would God protect the disobedient? Why should He?

But these are just warnings. God always sends warnings first before He administers judgment to the sinner.

We read in the Bible where God sent His holy prophets to warn people, kings, nations that He would send judgment if they didn’t repent. Some headed His warnings and repented, and God’s pronounced judgment was lifted from them. But many did not heed His warnings, and for that they suffered the consequences, and His judgment was rained down on them.

Don’t fail to heed God’s warnings. Repent of your sins (disobedience), and turn away from it – far away. And turn to God with a repentant heart.

God is a merciful God, and will have mercy on those that are truly repentant.

But for those wondering how to pray in the evil times we are living in. How to reach the ears of God with your prayer. The thing to do is to pray His Word. That’s right, pray His Word back to Him.

What does the Bible say? God says He’s a just God. He’s full of mercy, but He also punishes the evildoer for his actions if he refuses to repent.

God also said in His Word that He is a defender of the weak (poor, elderly, widow, and orphan). Those who are without a covering, and vulnerable. God said He would be their covering. He would be their defense.

God said that He would by no means clear the guilty. Visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children, and the children’s children unto the third and fourth generations. This is who He is. This is His name – this is the name He revealed to Moses in the cleft of the rock in Exodus 34.

And this is what you should pray.

Lord, you said you would defend the weak. You gave specific instructions on how we should treat the poor, and the foreigner in our land. We are to look out for them. Not take advantage of them. Welcome them. Treat them the way we would want to be treated, and the way we would want you to treat us.

Lord, you see that the rich (with his heart filled with evil and wickedness) has set his sights on those who are defenseless, and vulnerable. 

Lord, we’re asking you to rise up in defense of those who can’t fight back. We ask you to fight for them against their enemies.

When the evildoer rises up to slay the weak, we ask you to rise up and slay his oppressor.

When the wicked snatches babies right out of the arms of their mothers to tear them apart, separating them, killing them, and sending them into slavery, we ask, Lord, that you rise up and snatch the evildoer’s firstborn right out of his arms. If he physically destroys families by force, or by passing policies or legislation that causes this to happen, we ask that you rain down your judgment on his house so that his child(ren) is ripped right out of his home. An eye for an eye. A tooth for a tooth. No mercy, Lord, on the wicked who refuses to repent and turn to you.

And when the wicked rises up against his neighbor, to slay him in the streets in cold blood, just because of the color of his skin we ask, Lord, that you would also rise up against him, and slay him in the streets as punishment for the innocent blood he has shed. Send judgement to his house. Let the wicked know that you are God, and that you mean business. Let your mighty power be felt by the wicked so that he knows and understands that there is a God in heaven who passes judgment on the wicked. And your judgment is swift and severe if he refuses to repent and turn from his evil ways.

And Lord, for those Christian sinners who sit in your house Sunday after Sunday silently rooting against you for your enemy. For those who confess to be on your side, but have instead sided with your enemies in their hearts, and with their vote, we ask that you visit them with your judgment for the wickedness in their hearts.

Those who have turned on their brothers and sisters, on their neighbors, to stand with evil. To root for evil. To pray that evil succeeds … against you, Oh God. We ask that you shine a spotlight on them, so that they cannot hide. So that they cannot continue to hide behind the cross pretending to be for you, when they’re really against you, your Word, and everything good that you stand for. 

Don’t let them sit silently in the pews. Don’t let them continue to hide behind the cross. Don’t let them continue to blaspheme your holy name. Shine a spotlight on their sins, and the iniquity in their hearts. And if they still refuse to repent Lord, punish them along with the wicked that they have chosen to stand up with – against you, Oh God. As they crucify Jesus a second time by their actions. No mercy, Lord on those who refuse to repent.

You’ve given us your mercy, not for us to continue in sin, but that we may repent and turn away from sin. 

Those who refuse to repent, who defy you in their hearts, and with their actions shall reap your judgement, not only in this life, but in the one to come. No mercy on the wicked who refuses to turn to you.

And Lord, help me to do your will. Help me to serve you with a pure heart. Help me to be obedient to you, and your Word. 

Help me not to turn away from you with an evil heart.

Help me to speak your Word with boldness. Help me to speak the truth in love. Help me, God, to boldly spread the gospel to the lost world so that they will know what you require of them, repent, and turn away from following sin, and follow you.

Help me to be a light unto this dying world.

Help me and my family to walk in obedience to you. Help us to live righteously.

Lord, we don’t want to go out and pick a fight with anyone, but for those who try and rise up against us, with pure evil in their hearts, and a lust for blood in their eyes, we ask you to slay them with the sword that proceeds forth out of your mouth – the Word of God.

Lord, defend the weak.

Punish the evildoer. And for those who repent and turn to you, rejecting their evil hearts, we ask you to receive them with open arms into the fold. Cleanse them and make them whole.

Your Word is true, Oh God, and forever settled in heaven. Lord, let your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Amen.

I know that some Christians would have a problem praying a prayer like this. They’ve been programmed to only think of the love of God. They have not be taught, or read, about His judgment. But the Bible tells us exactly who God is.

We need to get to know God. What He stands for. His principles and values. And be prepared to pray His Word back to Him.

Now the thing to remember about prayer, and the Bible tells us this, is that only the prayers of the righteous avails much. Only the prayers of the righteous have weight in heaven.

If you have iniquity in your heart, your first course of action is the repent and ask God to cleanse you.

If you have rejected God in your heart, or turned away from Him, you should repent and turn back to God.

Many Christians sitting in the church every week are distant from God. Many have angered God with their disobedience, and their love of other gods. Here is your time to repent. Confess. Ask God to forgive and deliver you.

Only the pure in heart shall see God.

Only those who have kept themselves unspotted by the world will return with Jesus when He returns for His church.

And the only reason the righteous could pray a prayer like the one highlighted here is that he is praying from a pure heart, and he has right standing with God.

He’s not praying judgment and damnation on the wicked for the sake of gleefully watching God punish him.

He knows that the wicked are acting in defiance of God. They defy God with their words, with their actions, and with their rejection of Him.

And like David, the righteous are saying, “Who is this uncircumcised Philistine who dares to defy the living God of Israel?” It’s a righteous indignation.

We are to stand up for our God. And not to support those who defy Him. How dare they.

If this prayer is worrisome to you, do not pray it.

If you have iniquity in your heart, do not pray it.

If you know there’s unconfessed sin in your life, do not pray it.

If you haven’t developed a relationship with God in all the time you’ve been “saved”, don’t pray it.

But for the righteous, who serve God with a pure heart, who have devoted themselves to serving Him, who have developed a relationship with Him, and who knows His Word and can confidently pray His Word, pray this prayer every day.

God is not a weak and powerless God.

God works through His people.

And the prayers of the righteous have much weight in heaven. They get a response from God.

May God’s name be revered in the earth. And may His power be on display for all to see.

God, you are God over all.


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