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To the Sin Sick and Those Bound by Sin

Sin is a toxic poison in the human soul. It’s deadly.

Many of us find pleasure in sin. We love it, and don’t want to give it up. But the sin you hold so tightly to is killing you.

Sin makes you look haggard and worn before your time.

I’m sure you’ve seen the people I’m talking about. These people live hard in the streets, doing any and everything they desire to do.

They lust for sin, and can’t get enough of it. But sin has begun to wear them down, take away their youth, deepen their wrinkles and frown lines. Sin is unpretty.

Sin has taken away their youthful glow. And aged them beyond their years … yet, they still worship sin.

I’ve seen people love sin so much that they become trapped in sin’s deadly grip. When they finally wake up and realize how deeply they’ve fallen into sin, it’s too late.

Sin has them trapped in a death grip, and although they struggle to get free sin has become a stronger and more powerful opponent than they are.

We give sin it’s mighty power over us by bowing to it, and worshiping it.

What we worship becomes our god and master. And what a relentless master sin is.

How do you break free of sin?

Once you’ve given your power over to sin how do you break free? And yes, it is possible to break free from sin, but you can’t do it on your own. You need Someone more powerful than sin to break its death grip over your soul.

Who is more powerful than sin?

I think you know where I’m going with this … God is more powerful. And God can free you from sin.

Once you’ve decided you’ve had enough, and acknowledge that you were responsible for giving away your power to sin, ask God to help you break free from sin.

Start by repenting. Repent for all the times you chose sin over God. Repent for bowing to sin. Repent for making sin your lord and master.

And once you repent, with sincerity in your heart, God will break the chains of sin over your life. How does He do it? By the blood of Jesus.

Jesus’ blood covers a multitude of sins. It washes us from sin. It cleanses us. Jesus’ blood offers forgiveness of sin. And where there is genuine and heartfelt repentance, there is forgiveness.

Now, someone might ask you to repeat a generic prayer after them. But really there are no specific rote prayers that can free you from sin. This type of heartfelt repentance has to come from you. And it really is a heart thing.

We can repeat a prayer and not mean it in our hearts. We’re just going through the motions.

But when there is a genuine heart of repentance you don’t even need to open you mouth. Repentance will flow out of your spirit … like a dam being freed from its once tightly sealed barrier.

If you are genuinely sorry for choosing sin as your master, let repentance flow out of your soul like a river. And once that river is released God will take you in His arms and not let go. You don’t have to be bound by sin anymore.

So again, the key to breaking free from the bondage of sin is a genuine heart of repentance. And once you are free don’t go back and wrap yourself in the chains of sin again. Flee from sin. And God will help make your flight a success.

God bless.

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