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Stay Focused

My message to you, and to myself, is to stay focused. There are so many distractions (read more about distractions) around that can get us off track, causing us to miss what God is trying to do in our lives. We must remain focused.

Look at what happened to Adam and Eve. They listened to the voice of the sly serpent, which led them to disobey God, and eat of the fruit from the tree that God had forbidden them to eat from.

This one single act of disobedience set in motion a series of events that led to Adam and Eve being banned from the garden, and a perpetual chain of disobedient acts from man, which have shaped our world, for the worse, creating a world that is filled with corruption and disobedience to God’s laws.

When we remain focused on our earthly mission, which God has given to man, we can do great things for the kingdom of God – as Jesus did.

Jesus brought God’s kingdom to earth to be experienced by all. Jesus remained focused at all times, and did not let anything distract Him from His desire to do God’s will, and to please the Father. (read more about Jesus’ mission)

Look around you. The sign of the times are clearly evident. Jesus is soon to return. He’s soon to make His appearance in the sky to call His Church home to their eternal home in Heaven.

In order to be ready when He comes, we must stay focused.

Stay Focused on Jesus

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