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Tears on the Altar

At the close of each church service, there is usually an “altar call” where people are invited to come down to the altar to receive prayer, or for salvation. There are usually ministers waiting there to pray for the souls who respond to the altar call.

Sometimes, many people respond and make their way to the altar, and other times, no one responds at all. You never know on any given Sunday just how many people will come to the altar for prayer. But, it’s always a good idea the make the altar call after every service anyway.

There have been many tears shed on the altar. Some of those tears are shed as a result of true repentance, while others are shed with very little to no repentance at all.

It’s those unrepentant tears that I’d like to speak on. Did you know that true repentance is from the heart? Repentance is regret, or remorse, over some act or violation against God. It’s genuine sorrow and a sincere desire never to repeat the act again. Those who are genuinely sorry are the ones who receive forgiveness from God.

So those unrepentant tears shed on the altar are often overlooked by God. God knows our heart, and He knows whether or not we are truly repentant, and have made up our minds to never offend Him again by sinning against Him.

He also knows if our tears are only crocodile tears: those shed in the moment, but are not connected to any true or earnest remorse.

We hear a lot about how Jesus’ blood offers forgiveness for sins. But did you know that His blood only covers repented sins?

So, if you are still clinging tightly to unrepentant sin, wanting to hold on to it a little longer, let it go … repent … turn away from it …and allow your sins to be covered under the blood.

What have you to gain by holding on to sin? It only leads to death and damnation, and eternal separation from God.

Do not continue to dishonor God by leaving your tear stains on the altar when you don’t even love Him enough to obey His commandments, and turn away from sin for good.

Only the sincere tears on the altar are acknowledged in Heaven.

“Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost” (Acts 2:38).


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