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The Christian Life is a Sacrificial One

By nature, the Christian life is one that is sacrificial in nature. It is a life that is not lived to please oneself, but to please God.

Anyone who willingly steps over into this life must be prepared to sacrifice all — to take up his cross (the same burdens, trials, and hardships that Jesus endured), and follow Christ.

The road that Jesus traveled was fraught with many perils, and eventually led to His death. But, He traveled this road willingly knowing that there would be difficulties along the way.

Jesus understood the dangers involved, and forged ahead anyway. He was not looking to preserve His life; instead, He willingly sacrificed His life.

So, as Christians, and followers of Christ, we must expect to face hardships, tests, and trials. We should not expect the way to be easy, or expect to endure anything less than Jesus endured.

But, we should be prepared to face the difficulties that are sure to come. Jesus showed us, by example, how to endure hardness as a good soldier. He showed us that although hard this life is livable, doable, and sustainable. It is possible to lead a life of sacrifice, dedicated to God.

Today, it seems that Christians expect to have an easy life. We don’t want to go through anything, lose anything, or sacrifice anything. We want God to swoop in and rescue us from every negative situation (even the ones that we have caused by our disobedience).

But, must Jesus bear the cross alone? Is He the only one who is to suffer on this earth?

Sometimes, if things don’t go our way, we’ll just throw our hands up in disgust. Sometimes, we lose faith. And some even turn their backs on God, and walk away. We can’t understand how God would “allow” bad things to happen to His people.

There are also times when we just love the world more than we love God. We don’t want to have to give up the world and all its trappings to serve God. We want to “have our cake, and eat it too.”

Some Christians want to try and hold onto the world and serve God at the same time. But the Bible tells us that it’s impossible for man to serve two masters. For he will either love one, and hate the other. So, it behooves us to choose one or the other; but we cannot continue to try and serve both. “Choose ye this day whom ye will serve.”

God sees everything we go through. He knows this life isn’t easy. He knows that Satan desires to destroy us, and even kill us. He knows everything we face in this life.

But, He still expects us to be faithful to Him. He still expects us to trust Him. He wants us to put our full confidence in Him, even when we don’t understand what He’s doing. Do we trust that He’s still God — even in the hard times? Do we trust Him enough to take our hands off the wheel? Do we trust Him?

God is a God we can trust. We can trust Him with our lives. We can trust that He loves us and always has our best interest at heart. We can trust that if we willingly sacrifice our present life for Him, that He has a better life awaiting us in glory. If we willingly sacrifice our life for Him, it shows Him how much we love Him.

For, it’s when we come to know God that we love Him. And when we love Him, we want to serve Him. And, when we know Him, love Him, and serve Him, we are then willing to sacrifice all for Him. Get to know the God you serve. And put your full faith and confidence in Him. Trust God!

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Jackie Darling
Jeanita, I agree with your words. It is difficult for me at times to ‘die’ to self and allow HIs will to be done in my life versus my own. It is so easy to believe that you are living as unto Christ until He asks you to go through a trial or test. I am grateful that we serve a loving Father who is so patient and loving. Yet, He does spank those whom He loves. Each day is a journey where you are either entering a vally, walking through a valley or coming out of one. However, either… Read more »
Jackie, I agree. It is not easy for any of us to die to “self.” Our flesh does not want to die; it wants to have its way, all the time! The Bible says that our flesh is an enemy of God, which is why we have to crucify it, everyday, putting it under subjection to God. I too am grateful that we have a loving God who chastises us when we are disobedient, or step outside of His will, and rewards us when we are obedient. He only chastens those whom He loves. And His chastening is for OUR… Read more »
Amen. This is so inspiring. Jesus Christ laid down His life so that many would be saved. If He had never been crucified, there would have been no sacrifice for the sins of the whole world. A sacrifice had to be made to take away the sins of those that accept the plan of salvation. Further, now that Christ is in us (believers) and the “old man” is dead, we should no longer walk after the flesh or carnal things but after the spirit of Christ that is in us. As believers, we have arisen in Christ. We should deny… Read more »

This is so true, Dawn. When we walk after the leading of the Holy Ghost, and not after the flesh, we understand the sacrifice that has to be made to follow Christ, and serve God with our whole hearts. Jesus set the example that we must follow. He has always been honest and straight-forward with us — this way will not be easy, but for all those who endure until the end, they will be saved, and they will receive a reward (the crown of life that awaits us in heaven).