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The Full Human Experience

I sometimes wonder why Jesus, the Savior of the world, had to come to earth as a baby. Why couldn’t He have come at the age of 30 – the age He began His public ministry?

Why couldn’t Jesus have come to earth and then immediately began His mission, as was given Him from the Father?

This is how the Jews probably expected Him to come. They were awaiting their deliverer, that was prophesied would come.

The Jews were probably expecting Jesus to come as a lion (the lion of the tribe of Judah). Or perhaps they were expecting Him to come as a fire-breathing dragon, coming in defense of His people.

The Jews have been an oppressed nation almost from the very beginning. They were often defeated in battle by their enemies, and taken away as captives, from their homeland, into the land of their captors to become their slaves.

The Jews were a hated race of people. God had promised them that He would be their protector if they would remain faithful and obedient to Him.

But as we know, the Jews were a disobedient people. They rejected God and served other gods, refusing to submit to God. So as a result, God allowed their enemies to come upon them, and overtake them.

God removed His hand of protection from over the Jews because of their disobedience.

So the Jews were awaiting a deliverer who would come and deliver them from the hand of their enemies. Jesus was that deliverer. But instead of coming to earth as a fierce lion, Jesus came as a meek and humble lamb – as a babe lying in a manger.

Jesus – our Savior – went through the whole human experience.

He went through early adolescence.

He experienced the pre-teen years.

He was a young adult trying to navigate through a tough world.

And He was also a grown man, experiencing the ups and downs of adulthood.

Jesus experienced rejection.

       He experienced pain.

                                        He suffered loss.

He grew weary, as humans often do.

He became angry when He saw what was being done in the temple – in His Father’s house.

Jesus went through the awkward years of puberty. He experienced it all. Therefore, Jesus knows, through first-hand experience, the things we go through. He knows because He Himself also went through it. Jesus went through the full human experience.

This should let us know that we do not have a Savior who is so far removed from us. He is not out of touch with the things that we go through. We can talk to Him about anything, not feeling like we are being judged for being ‘weak’, and well… human.

Jesus knows the weaknesses of the flesh, and the temptations we face on earth. But, as the Bible tells us, He also overcame these weaknesses, because He conquered the flesh, not succumbing to the weaknesses or giving into the temptations.

His faith in God was strong. And His reliance on the Holy Spirit to lead Him, help Him, guide Him, got Him through the rough patches of life.

Jesus overcame the flesh by walking after the leading of the Spirit, which leads us into all righteousness.

He prayed often, staying in constant communication with the Father. He knew His purpose. and remained faithful to it, even unto death.Lighthouse

Jesus is our example to follow. If we want to know how to live on this earth as God’s holy people, we should study and follow Jesus’s example. We should let His life and ministry be our guiding light and the thing we strive for. If we follow His light we can never go wrong.

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Jackie. Darling

Amen. What wonderful words of encouragement. Thank you. It would be greati if you made short 2- page booklets that could be purchased. We could buy them and give them away to folks instead of cards. Words to live by. The booklets could be passed along to others after being read. Comments could be posted to your site. The words God gave you to share blessed me . Thank you Jeanita.


Amen. He was given the spirit of God without measure.In Jesus Christ we have the perfect example of what God’s Spirit should produce in our lives. We can live holy as He lived holy.