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The Power of a Smile ☺

What happens when a person looses his or her ability to smile? 🙁

I know that I am not alone in saying this, but I am starting to notice how something as simple as a smile can bring warmth and goodwill to people everywhere.

A smile lifts people’s spirits. Both to the person “giving” the smile, and to the recipient of the smile.

I was thinking recently about a lady I met a few years back. And I thought about how in all the years I’ve known her, I have never seen her smile.

She was a nice enough person, in the setting that I have always seen her in, but there seemed to be some dark force hovering over her that had zapped her ability to smile. 🙁

I can also remember this lady’s ‘attempt’ at a smile. Have you ever noticed that when some people smile their lips turn up but the smile never registers anywhere else on their face?

This is how this lady smiled. Her lips would turn up into a smile but there was never any light in her eyes.

There were never any smile lines around her eyes or her mouth. She just never seemed to have had that light within that causes a smile to suddenly burst forth out of the depths of your being.

So very sad

Isn’t this a sad proposition? To want to smile but not have the ability to smile. I could weep right now for this lady, and for the hundreds of people like her.

I can also remember watching a “Christmas Kindness” show years ago on the Oprah Winfrey Show. Oprah and her staff decided to throw a Christmas celebration one year for the children of South Africa.

These children, who have very little to nothing, were suddenly blessed with school supplies, clothing, and toys. The joy bursting forth from these children could melt your heart. They were so appreciative…of the little things.



Although there was so much joy palpitating in the room during this Christmas celebration, there was one little girl who I will never forget. This little girl appeared to have been around four or five years old.

She was an orphan (so many children in Africa have been left orphaned by the AIDS epidemic sweeping the continent). This little girl was living in an orphanage (as so many of the children at the party were). But what was different about this little girl was that she, unlike the other children, had lost her ability to smile.

She was there in the midst of this great celebration. She received toys and clothing but she had already been through so much in her young life that she had lost her ability to smile.

You could see that there was a darkness, a sadness, over this little girl. When you looked into her eyes there was nothing but sadness and grief. Something so dark and sinister had happened to this little girl that it had snuffed out the light that is so clearly visible in so many children, even the children of South Africa.

This little girl could not smile.

The adults around her were trying to get her to experience the joy the other children were experiencing. I remember them asking her to smile, and her smile was as I described before, her lips turned up but the smile didn’t register anywhere else on her face.

She had been through too much – at four years old! – that a genuine smile was not possible for her. (tears!)

When people loose their ability to smile what a sad day for the human race. When people become so overburdened by pain, sadness, grief, and loss that it snuffs out their “human” spirit, not only do they suffer but the people around them also suffer.

A smile is the lifeblood of society

A smile is powerful and intoxicating. A smile can even change the environment in a room full of people. When you see people smiling you are convinced that everything is alright in the world. Never underestimate the power that something as simple as a smile can bring to all who receive it.


My smile, your smile matters. #smile


A smile is never wasted™ 

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