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The Purpose of Man


I was in Bible Study one afternoon when God gave me the title and the outline for this book. The premise of The Purpose of Man is God's original intent for man. (And when I say man, I'm talking about the universal man - mankind.) God created man with a purpose in mind. 

God gave man authority over His vast creation, and told him to subdue it.

The Hebrew word for subdue is kabash, which means to conquer, subjugate, keep under, bring into subjection. God put man in charge of the works of His hands. Together, Adam and Eve were to care for, protect and rule over what God had created. Man was given a position of power in God's newly created earth.




After placing man in charge of all of His creation man rebelled against God, and against the God-given authority he had been given by God to rule over the earth on God's behalf.

Some blame this rebellion, and the after-effects, on the serpent. MANY blame it on Eve. And a few even blame it on Adam.

But the bottom line is that when man disobeyed God by eating the fruit of the tree that was in the midst of the garden, which God had strictly forbidden, this released a curse upon the earth, which we are still suffering from today. The ground was cursed. The serpent was cursed. And man was also affected by the curse.


After Adam and Eve sinned, this unleashed a system of corruption and degradation on earth. Man continued to sin and rebel against God. God's good earth became corrupted by sin, as man's heart was wicked continuously. In order to remove sin from the earth God sent a flood upon the earth. This flood destroyed the whole earth. Everything died; man, as well as beast. God destroyed it all.  


After God had unleashed His fury on the earth by destroying it with a flood, He regretted it. God promised never to destroy the earth again with water. As a sign of His promise with man to never again use water as a destructive agent, He put a rainbow in the sky, whenever it rained, to remind Himself of His promise, and to reassure man.

To re-establish the earth, God encouraged Noah (the one man He had chosen to keep alive during the flood - to keep the seed of man upon the earth) and his wife, and Noah's three sons and their wives to re-populate the earth.

God is, and always will be, committed to His creation. God's will for man has always been good.


The dictionary definition of purpose is: the aim, goal, or intention of something or someone. Purpose is the reason something exists. Everything and everyone has a purpose. 

This book shows us how God has always sought to use a man, on earth, to fulfill His purpose/will. Starting with Adam & Eve, Noah, Abraham, Israel, David, and leading up to Jesus ... and even today with us. Some of these men failed God, while others were pleasing to Him. Some resisted Him, while others surrendered completely to Him.

The Purpose of Man encourages you to seriously start thinking about your purpose - your reason for being. Why am I here? Am I truly fulfilling God's purpose for my life? Is what I'm doing getting me one step closer to fulfilling the role God created me for?

Often, we think we have discovered our purpose because we may have found a job we love, we have accumulated material possessions, our friends and family look up to us, and "all the stars appear to be lined up." Although these things are commendable, we still may have only begun to scratch the surface in our quest to discover God's purpose for our lives. But one thing to note about purpose: God's purpose - His will for us - will always lead to His will being fulfilled. 

Let's open the book and dive in! Discovering God's divine purpose for your life is closer than you think.


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