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Wake Up Grateful

Each new day is another day to appreciate God’s many blessings in our lives. If God wakes us up each day, we should wake up with an appreciation for being alive and well and for being able to once again see another day.

We should wake up grateful, knowing that we didn’t have to be here, and that even though some woke up they were not however able to get out of bed with their own strength — they are invalids.

When we wake up grateful sorrow and defeat begin to melt away. We start to see the glass as half-full instead of half-empty, and our problems no longer look insurmountable. We realize that our God is bigger than our problems.

An attitude of gratitude is a priceless gift that we can give to ourselves. And it is of great worth in the eyes of God.

Be thankful. Be grateful to God, and watch God begin to pour out His many blessings upon you, running over, until you don’t have room enough to receive them.

Always remember to wake up grateful!

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2 Comments on "Wake Up Grateful"

Jackie darling

Amen. I love what you said about God being bigger than our problems. He is. I just have to turn inward to Him and not to my own abilities or strength. When I neglect to acknowledge His omnipotent power and peace, I limit His ability to bless me. I want immediate relief. I don’t want to wait on Him and seek His will. I so quickly forget my past blessings like an ungrateful child. May God forgive me.
He is my living Hope and I must rest in that truth.