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What Makes You Smile? #KeepSmiling ☺

A Smile is one of those things that seems to chase away the blues. It’s hard to be sad when you’re smiling.

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I remember when I was going through grief and depression after the death of my husband, I somehow knew I needed to periodically break through the sadness.

Grief is normal. We all go through it after suffering loss. And I knew I had to go through the process to get to the other side. But because I was in such a dark, heavy place, I needed to surround myself with laughter, even though I wasn’t fully able to participate in it.

So, I would pop in a silly DVD from time to time and make myself sit there and watch it. Even though the laughter wasn’t able to break through to the surface, I now know that it was working deep down in my soul.

Those few moments of “soul laughter” were like medicine to my heavy heart.

Well today, praise God, the laughter is real. Today, I can honestly say I have joy down in my soul. God is truly near to those who have a broken heart. He never left me during this dark season. He was right there with me comforting and strengthening me.

What makes you smile? What is it that brings you joy?

These are the things we need to hold on to when we feel sad, depressed, hopeless. Laughter is like medicine to the soul.

You may not be able at the time to project a hearty belly-laugh, but these happy thoughts, if kept close to our hearts, are working in us. They are powerful and effective. And in time, what’s on the inside will eventually make its way to the outside.

Find something everyday to laugh about. A happy memory. A silly pet trick. Sometimes we even have to laugh at ourselves. It’s not good to always be so serious. Life is full of laughable moments.

And you know what…laughter is contagious!!

Just walk into a room full of people and start laughing. They may look at you strange at first, but  before you know it, everybody in the room will be laughing right along with you.

I wish more doctors would prescribe laughter to their patients. It just might be the thing to chase away the aches and pains. It certainly chases away the blues.

Maybe I need to start a petition drive, or some sort of declaration:

                   “Laugh More! Frown Less!”

The world would be a much better place if we all laughed more.

So go ahead, fire up those pearly whites, and SMILE!!

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2 Comments on "What Makes You Smile? #KeepSmiling ☺"

Jackie Darling
I remember when I first saw this text acronym, LOL. I had to stop and think what the letters stood for. At the time, I was annoyed that someone had used the acronym instead of writing in complete sentences. When I learned it meant to laugh out loud, it made me smile. I agree with you in regards to looking for something each day that is peaceful and brings you some moment of joy. There were times in my life when I just could not find anything to laugh or smile about. However, I know that the Father was showing… Read more »

I find myself sometimes smiling for no reason. It’s like they always say, you can choose to either see the glass as half-empty or half-full. Your outlook of life, etc. will determine the way you see things. There is always something to laugh about. It’s these moments that bring me great joy. Thanks for your comment. Don’t stop smiling!