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What Time Is It In Heaven?

This is something that people have always wondered. How does heaven relate, or differ, to earth as far as time goes. We have different time zones here on earth: Eastern, Central, Pacific, Mountain. But what time zone is heaven on?

While it might be 3:00 pm for the people living in the Eastern time zone, for those, for example, living in the Central time zone it is 2:00 pm because they are always an hour behind.

And while it might be midnight in China, it is mid-day for those living in, let’s say, Alabama. Alabama is about 13 hours behind China.


We are all living on the same earth but because of our relative position to the sun we experience night and day at different times from those living in other parts of the world.

We’ve just grown accustomed to this and have probably never really given it any serious thought. This is because we are used to only focusing on our little space on this earth that we don’t usually give much thought to how others on the same earth are living, unless, of course, we have friends and family in other parts of the world that we stay connected to.

But with God, because He is a Spirit, and because He can be everywhere at once He is accustomed to darting in and out of different time zones in a matter of milliseconds to interact with people all around the world.

The Bible tells us that God neither sleeps or slumbers. So it would be impossible for someone in the United States and someone else in Africa to reach out to Him at the exact moment and find Him inattentive, absent, or disengaged. God engages with us, all around the world, all at once. He can do that because He’s God.

The Bible also says that one day with the Lord is like a thousand. So while we are on a solar clock here on earth, God is not restrained to our same earthly clock and calendars. This is just a system that He set in place for the earth, when He created it, to help keep men organized and to help keep the earth structured and orderly.

So what time IS it in heaven right now?

Right now, as I write this, it is currently 12:26 pm EST. And God is able to keep up with our earthly time schedule with no problem. But as far as heaven goes, I personally believe that heaven is not on a clock like the one we have on earth.

We know that the Bible tells us that there is no day and night in heaven, for it is always day. And there’s no need for the sun in heaven because God’s glory is the light of heaven. And His glory burns brightly.

There is no need for light bulbs, candles, or kerosene in heaven. Nor is there a need for headlights on any of the heavenly carriages. You’ll never find any of the angels bumping around in the dark in heaven because this is no darkness in heaven.

Heaven is not like earth. There is just no comparison. Our frame of reference is natural and earthly because this is what we have grown accustomed to here on earth. Our natural bodies inhabit this earthly space.

But heaven is a very unique place where it would be impossible for our natural, earthly bodies to exist. Our earthly bodies are used to physical limitations such as gravity, space, physical restraints, limited mobility. But there are no such restraints in heaven.

There is also no old age. No gray hair. No arthritis in heaven. None of this exists in heaven.

When we get to heaven, those who are born-again and Spirit-filled, we will be given new immortal bodies. Our new immortal bodies will never break down or die. We will never get worn down or tired. We will never pass out or faint from the heat. You get my point. Heaven is just … different.

And one final thing about heaven. Heaven is an eternity. Once you get to heaven, you will be there for eternity. And eternity never ends.

This is the Christian’s ultimate goal – to get to heaven. This is why we sacrifice our lives here on earth … to live for eternity in heaven. This is why we seek to please God. Because it’s our one desire to hear Him say, “Well done, good and faithful servant. Enter in and take your rest.”

Heaven is a place a rest. A rest from our worries. A rest from our tears. A rest from our fears. A rest from the corruption of sin taking place on earth.

Well done, good and faithful servant. Enter in and take your rest.

Jeanita Jinnah is a Christian blogger and freelance writer. The purpose of OnOurWay2Heaven.com is to prepare the church for Christ’s return. To do this, we must embrace truth, holiness, and righteousness – the themes of this blog. Jeanita writes with the authority God gives her. She is a voice in the wilderness crying out to the church to wake up, keep your garments spotless, and be ready when Jesus makes His appearance in the sky.

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