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Who Told You You Get to Choose which SINS You HATE, and Which Ones You LOVE?

Nowhere in the Bible does it say that certain sins are okay, while other sins are not okay. Or that God will overlook certain sins, but rain down damnation and judgment on others.

Man has come up with this fallacy on his own.

Probably since the the fall of man has man been placing his own interpretations on sin. If he deems a sin to be an abomination, he labels it so. And where he finds certain pleasures in other sins, he deems these sins pardonable. Because, after all, who would condemn his own sins?

God places no such distinctions on sin. In God’s eyes, there are no “good sins” and “bad sins.” Sin is sin to God, and all sin needs to be acknowledged, repented, forgiven, and covered by the blood of Jesus.

We have become experts at cherry-picking our favorite sins. “I’ll take this one, and this one, and this one.” Please, and thank you.

And while the world can hardly be convinced that God hates all sin, I’m hoping that those in the church will wake up to this fact and stop justifying their sins, and pretending that God overlooks our sins and accepts us “just the way we are.”

God did not send His Son to be tortured and humiliated so that we could remain in sin. God forbid!

There are no good sins. NONE.

We can’t say, I hate abortion, murder, homosexuality and lesbianism … and in the same breath embrace lying, hatred and bigotry.

We can’t condemn those who have abortions and use birth control, and bow down to those who practice bigotry and racism.

These are NOT characteristics of a Christian, and follower of Christ. Jesus never set this example for us to follow.

If we say we are true followers of Christ, we must follow Him even when it makes us unpopular with the masses. Even if we have to lose some friends and acquaintances. Even if we have to stop hanging out in certain circles. Even if we have to let go of everything we have believed and embraced our whole lives.

Because if our beliefs are not scriptural (based on scripture) they are not truth, no matter how strongly we believe them, and no matter how long we’ve believed them.

When we become born-again Christians, we have to leave our beliefs at the door, and pick up a new set of beliefs. Beliefs based on who God is, His kingdom principles, and what He deem holy and acceptable.

The thing to remember is … God hates sin (period).

To be His servants, we must hate the things He hates, and love the things He loves.

What does God love? Honesty. Humility. Love. Service. Giving. A servant’s heart. Obedience. Truth. Faithfulness. Faith. Peace.

And if we love God we will submit, follow, and obey.

Jeanita Jinnah is a Christian blogger and freelance writer who writes scripturally sound and spiritually discerning content, which is often not popular with the masses – who have become spiritually weak from digesting a spiritually lean diet of fluff. Jeanita is a voice in the wilderness helping to prepare the Church for Christ’s return.

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