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Will Jesus’ Return Be Documented on Facebook Live?

Hmm… Just a random thought running through my head. Today, social media has taken over the land. People everywhere use social media to document and record just about everything happening in their lives.

You’ve all probably seen the posts of your friends sharing their current location of Facebook.

So and so has checked-in to…

I don’t do it, but many people have no problem sharing their location online at any given moment.

While this is free publicity for the business(es), and keeps your friends and family up-to-date, to me, this is the equivalence of flashing a big neon sign over your home that reads, “I’m Not Home.” 

It certainly makes it easier for a burglar to break in and rob you blind when the owner’s not home.

My point: everything seems to be documented on Facebook today.

These are crazy times we’re living in today. Who ever heard of Facebook Live 20 years ago? Who could have predicted 20 years ago that we would be having this discussion today?

Twenty years ago, snail mail ruled the land. We just accepted the fact that when you mailed a letter it would take a few days for it to arrive at its destination. And another few days for the recipient of the letter to send his or her reply. This is just how things were 20 years ago. Communication took time.

Today, we don’t have to wait as long for news to reach us. Today, we pretty much hear of things as they are happening … through the instant communication network of social media. Social media has also changed how we communicate with each other. It’s less personable, and more technology driven.

There is an intermediary between the people doing the communicating. That intermediary is whatever device being used at the time to access the selected social media channel.

Now, we have Facebook Live. Facebook Live gives people the opportunity to document and share live footage of their current activity. People become aware of your Facebook Live video footage through their feed. They can watch their friend in real-time, and interact with them by commenting, if they choose to do so.

There’s no doubt, social media has changed the way we communicate, and the way we receive news. Everything is instantaneous now.

Now to my point…

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my heavenly home. As the church of God, we have been reminded in the Bible that this earthly world is not our home. We (those who have repented, and been forgiven, and washed of their sins) have a home in heaven awaiting us … if we trust God, obey His word, and hold on until the end.

We have been promised a permanent residence in God’s heavenly kingdom. This is very refreshing to me. To know that this sinful world is not my final destination, nor my only hope.

The Bible tells us that we should wait for, and look for, Jesus’ return to earth, for His church, with expectancy in our hearts. We should not become too attached to this world. Therefore, we should live on this earth as though we were temporary citizens here. Not permanent residents.

Don’t become too attached to this sinful and wicked world. For it will one day pass away … for God will destroy it, along with sin, and create a new heaven, and a new earth (the space where the birds fly, the moon, the stars, and the sun take up residence).

So, I’ve been thinking a lot about Jesus’ return for His church, to rescue us from this wicked world … before God destroys it.

I’ve been preparing myself for this day. I’ve been stripping myself of all the remnants of this earth … of anything that might weigh me down, and cause me not to be ready when Jesus makes His appearance in the sky.

I’m becoming less and less attached to this world, and more attached to my home in heaven. My heart is ready to one day make heaven my eternal home.

But, I’m sure Jesus’ return, when it happens, will be big news. People scoff at the notion of Jesus coming back to this earth – this time to take back with Him the church that He has prepared, and kept, especially for Himself.

We’ve been hearing it for many years now. For centuries. The first century church was talking about it way back when. They were warning one another to be prepared for Christ to return.

Many people have written about it since then. Some, with sincerity. And others, not so much.

There have also been some predictions made … that Jesus would return on this date, and at this time. Of course, they were all wrong because the Bible tells us that NO MAN knows the day or the hour when Christ will return, but that we should keep a running watch because He most certainly will return one day.

People have become desensitized to this warning – even the church … especially the church. And just like in the days right before the flood, people have become distracted with many things. People have become consumed with what they can see now … this earth, this earth’s material possessions, and with accumulating even more of these possessions.

People today are only focused on achieving their earthly goals, accumulating much wealth, and being the boss of and conquering this life.

This is a shortsighted point of view, but to people, it’s their hope of the future. What they see now. What they know now. What they believe in now.

I feel sorry for these people. Because God is bigger than this earth. And He has a future, an eternity, prepared for His people … His church … beyond the limitations of this world. God is a limitless God. He’s boundless. And this world cannot contain all that is God.

People today are consumed, and almost obsessed with being the first to know. The first to break a story to their friends, family, their community, and ultimately, the world.

And with the invention of social media, we are able to reach more people, faster.

News today travels around the world in lightning speed. This has in many ways trumped the traditional media. As this is where we always got our news.

Well… except for the neighborhood gossip – Miss Jenkins – who seemed to always have some juicy news that she went around the neighborhood spreading. I’m sure every neighborhood had a Miss Jenkins…

But Facebook Live, YouTube Live, and all the other social media outlets have even trumped Miss Jenkins.

Miss Jenkins might not be the first to hear about Jesus’ return to rapture away His church. The instantaneous news cycle we’re living in might even beat Miss Jenkins to the punch.

People are quick to pick up their phones and start recording when they see something happening that might be newsworthy.

Just the other day, we saw passengers on a United Airlines flight pick up their phones and start recording as a fellow passenger was violently dragged off a plane by airport security when he refused to give up his seat, which he had paid for. This news reached the world instantaneously because people on the plane were able to record it, upload it to social media, or text it to a friend before the situation was even over. Instantaneously.

Social media, smartphones, and the internet have changed all that.

So, what about when Jesus makes His appearance in the sky? Do you think that you will have people, as they are quick to do in church even, pick up their phones and start recording it?

The Bible says that in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, that this event – the rapture of the church – will occur. So I’m pretty confident that people may not be able to record the actual event with their phones. But, the after affects of it … the discarded clothing, the driverless cars, the left behind companions … will no doubt be recorded in detail by many social media junkies.

Can you imagine? Can you wrap your brain around this? Not just the rapture, but the ensuing battle – the Battle of Armegeddon – and all of the end time events (the tribulation period) being recorded on Facebook Live. Wow!

When we read about these events in the Bible, we sort of read it from a first century perspective, with its very rudimentary, non-technological spin.

But now that we are here in the 21st century still reading about these events, we start to see these events take shape in a different time. A time when technology and the internet have changed the way we receive and process our news. We are living in some interesting times, indeed.

But what I do know is that I don’t want to be here when all of this takes place. I plan to either be caught up in the rapture with my fellow “rapturees,” or to be caught up with the dead to meet the others in the air.

I could care less about watching this all unfold on Facebook Live, or any such medium. I plan to far away from this place. Far away and in a much better place. A place where Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, CNN, or MSNBC can’t reach. A place where the sun never ceases to shine. A place where God’s glory illuminates and transforms the place. That’s where I want to be. How about you?

Feel free to leave me a comment below.       I’d love to hear from you. 

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