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Worship Your Creator, Spend Time in His Presence

There is truly nothing like the presence of the Lord. In His presence there is joy and peace. There is so much love; unconditional love. God’s love washes over you, and overtakes you.

When we are surrounded by God’s love, there is safety and freedom.

Freedom from the cares of this world.

Freedom from depression.

Freedom from sickness.

When we are in God’s presence, we are free to worship.

Something happens to us when we experience God’s presence. We are changed. We are no longer the same (nor do we ever desire to be the same again). Once we experience God’s presence, we begin to desire it more. We find ourselves longing for His presence.

Some might think that because God is a Spirit it is impossible to have a one-on-one encounter with Him. It’s sometimes hard, with our feeble minds, to comprehend how an invisible God can make Himself visible to us.

When we only focus on, and live in the natural, we are limited. Our experience with God becomes limited to what we can see, hear, and touch with our natural senses.

But because God is a Spirit, we must experience Him on a spiritual level, through our spirit beings.

How do we experience God spiritually? Through faith.

Faith is the thing that makes God visible and tangible. Faith is the evidence of things not seen. It’s the substance of things hoped for.

The dictionary definition of evidence is: something which shows that something else exists or is true. Faith shows that God is real; that He truly exists. Why? Because we have the evidence of His existence by faith.

Substance is a material matter. It’s something you can touch and feel. You see it with your eyes. Through faith, the things that we are hoping for become tangible and real. They become visible.

We cannot serve God without faith. And the Bible tells us that it is impossible to please God without faith (Hebrews 11:6).

Nor can we worship God without faith. If we don’t believe in His existence, nor have ever experienced Him personally, it’s impossible to worship Him.

Once we come to know God intimately, we begin to trust Him. We also develop a deep, abiding love for Him.

The more time we spend with God our bond with Him becomes unbreakable, and our love for Him grows deeper. Our faith in Him grows, and we are no longer easily tempted to doubt.

Moses spent a great amount of time in God’s presence, and it became visible upon his countenance. The Bible says that when Moses came down from the mountain, after spending time with God, his face shone. The people (Israel) saw it and became confused and alarmed.

Israel saw the glory of God revealed upon Moses’ face. Israel had never experienced a God so great before. They had only been accustomed to serving idols (false gods). But they saw the glory of God in the wilderness, and feared (reverenced) Him. They knew He was real, because they had a personal encounter with Him.

God’s presence should be experienced by all. We should long to spend time alone in the presence of God.  Once you experience God’s presence, you’ll never be the same!

Enjoy this song as you bask in God’s presence. Essence of Your Presence – LaRue Howard

The Essence of Your Presence

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